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North Carolina, Shelby
  • Facebook


    1.9 (10,597 reviews)
    • Dating and Social Networking
    • www.facebook.com

    "My account is hacked and someone is using it promoting some scamming business crap they are doing and its not me"

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  • Lowes


    2.0 (3,463 reviews)
    • Supermarkets and Malls
    • www.lowes.com

    "In March of 2020 I moved and had Lowes deliver a new refridgerator to my new home. Upon dellivery, one of the two delivery guys dropped the refridgerator on my brand new floor and damaged it. I filed a claim and tried to contact..."

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  • Roblox


    3.0 (4,392 reviews)
    • Games and Movies
    • www.roblox.com

    "Im locked out of my sons account and even though we have user name and passwords credit card info they still refuse to help. Customer support emails are robotic in nature."

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  • Little Caesars

    Little Caesars

    2.2 (2,607 reviews)
    • Fast Food
    • www.littlecaesars.com

    "Store never opened but took online orders.
    Never opened again
    Customer service phone number does not work"

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    1.8 (11,919 reviews)
    • Food Delivery
    • www.doordash.com

    "I have been given the run around I dont know if its a scam or not I have never had these many problems signing up for anything I do Amazon flex and instacart and on the waiting list for grub hub I guess its not for meShrug"

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  • Bojangles


    2.1 (481 reviews)
    • Fast Food
    • www.bojangles.com

    "I ordered goods from go Groopie and still not been received and this about 3 months now, and they are nowhere to be contacted"

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  • Wish


    2.0 (8,645 reviews)
    • Auctions and Marketplaces
    • www.wish.com

    I purchase two leather gaming chairs for $27.00 each and I did not cancel my order my account was debt twice and i was refunded once, i still need those black and red gaming chairs for the same price that was advertised plea..."

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  • Wesley Berry Flowers

    Wesley Berry Flowers

    1.3 (783 reviews)
    • Flowers / Florist
    • www.wesleyberryflowers.com

    "5 sent me to some type of the survey that I'm totally not interested in"

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  • Walmart


    2.2 (4,869 reviews)
    • Supermarkets and Malls
    • www.walmart.com

    "I ordered through Walmart.com, I paid in full, however, I have not received the item!! Please help find out why &;;;;;;;;;;;; when we will expect delivery???"

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  • Waffle House

    Waffle House

    2.4 (1,310 reviews)
    • Cafes, Restaurants and Bars
    • www.wafflehouse.com

    "At waffle house 1864 in Winona, Ms. They are closing tables while having extra customers coming through the door because they didn't want to clean the tables. And they were rude about it and had 5 people working."

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