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New York, Rochester
  • General Motors

    General Motors

    1.9 (266 reviews)
    • Auto
    • www.gm.com

    "I have a 2020 Equinox. I had a flat tire that can not be repaired. Feldman Cheverlot where I leased the Vechile said the tires have been discontinued by the manufacture. How do I get a tire?"

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  • Ford


    2.0 (298 reviews)
    • Auto
    • www.ford.com

    "Information requested nothing in response. No response at all. Interested in ford maverick truck. Need dimensions and where I can see how headroom works before putting in order what part of this you don't understand?"

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  • Chrysler


    1.8 (442 reviews)
    • Auto
    • www.chrysler.com

    "Will stall at times when showing down. Checked every website and took to dealership no solution. What cause this issue so I can get it repaired? Kind of a safety issue but seen no recall on the truck."

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  • Forest River

    Forest River

    1.7 (884 reviews)
    • Auto
    • forestriverinc.com

    "We were not made aware that this refrigerator does not run on propane, all it does is suck our battery dry. Every time you turn the battery off and on again, you have to manually shutdown the fridge. We have a generator but our..."

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  • Subaru Of America

    Subaru Of America

    2.5 (499 reviews)
    • Auto
    • www.subaru.com

    "All I wanted to know was how much a new fab key will cost for my 2010 forester. I called Subaru of Portland, and they said they will call me back with that info, it's been over a week and I still have not heard from them. I..."

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  • Saturn


    1.7 (1 review)
    • Auto
    • www.saturn.com

    "I bought a 2003 Saturn cue and the transmission is messing up bad will the company help me please because I'm disabled and I live on a tiny check I'm Moore and back to being carless"

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  • One Stop Motors

    One Stop Motors

    1.3 (3 reviews)
    • Auto
    • www.onestopmotors.com

    "Bought a Navara they said they had just done the head and timing chain. 10 days later bang . The mechanic didn’t do up the bleeder screw on the tension pulley. Catastrophic damage occurred. On further inspection they didn’t even..."

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  • Nissan


    1.9 (95 reviews)
    • Auto
    • www.nissan-global.com

    "Bought what I thought was a brand new 2020 Pathfinder. Electrical system went out at 10k, broken engine mount, broken CV boots, misfire and complete breakdown at 26k. Nissan "customer care and arbitration" says, all up to the..."

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  • Kia Motors

    Kia Motors

    2.1 (437 reviews)
    • Auto
    • www.kia.com

    "A few weeks ago I had new brakes put on my 2019 Kia Sorrento. They replaced the back brakes and told me that my front brakes were still fine.. Well they shaking never went away and coming down a hill it started shaking bad and..."

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  • Hyundai


    1.7 (88 reviews)
    • Auto
    • www.hyundai.com

    "I called two times about requesting title and still haven't received email that I have to download and fax back to them!"

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