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New York, New York
Appliances and Electronics
  • Factory Outlet Store

    Factory Outlet Store

    1.6 (223 reviews)
    • Appliances and Electronics
    • www.factoryoutletstore.com

    "3-pack Norelco shaver heads, $29.95. UPS didn't recognize the tracking number, odd in any case - package is 4x4x0.75" and mailed (free) in a USPS envelope. Arrived a week early, no complaint there. __Note: heads listed for $7.95..."

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  • Dell


    1.7 (316 reviews)
    • Appliances and Electronics
    • www.dell.com

    "I placed an order for over $400 and received a Thank You For Your Order on the website. I never got a confirmation e-mail. When I tried to look the order up online it said it was not valid. I have checked two days and my credit..."

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  • Bosch


    1.7 (147 reviews)
    • Appliances and Electronics
    • www.bosch.com

    "DO NOT BUY A BOSCH dishwasher from the Bosch website. You will never see it. Buyer beware. My old dishwasher was on recall and received a rebate from Bosch and told to order a new one online with a 40% discount. It might as well..."

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  • America Cameras

    America Cameras

    1.3 (65 reviews)
    • Appliances and Electronics
    • americacameras.com

    "Don't waste your $ buying from this company! When I shipped my Coolpix 900 to Nikon repair center to fix the LCD display, which stopped functioning after 2 years, I learned from Nikon it was a gray market product which they will..."

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  • Seiki Digital

    Seiki Digital

    1.8 (116 reviews)
    • Appliances and Electronics
    • www.seikidigital.com

    "Seiki customer support is almost impossible to use, the online register form doesnt work! Never can get in contact with customer support."

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  • Micro Center

    Micro Center

    2.2 (143 reviews)
    • Appliances and Electronics
    • www.microcenter.com

    "Bad customer service, I will never go to the Baltimore store again!!!!!!!
    they treat you like your bothering them when you ask a question,"

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  • Keurig


    2.2 (284 reviews)
    • Appliances and Electronics
    • www.keurig.com

    "I was sent a different brand of coffee on my auto renew order than I originally ordered. And to top it off the new brand costs more.
    I was not given the chance to say no.
    And they do not allow returns. Even though the box that was d..."

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  • Dyson


    1.9 (193 reviews)
    • Appliances and Electronics
    • www.dyson.com

    "I placed an order online with Dyson on 4 July 2021. I am writing this review on 30 July 2021 after getting off the phone with a Dyson Manager and am still waiting for a V10 allergy vacuum. I called twice before to try to resolve..."

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  • Blue Hippo

    Blue Hippo

    2.2 (1 review)
    • Appliances and Electronics
    • www.bluehippo.com

    "Order number#10087****, placed on 3rd of June"

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  • 123Stores


    1.2 (31 reviews)
    • Appliances and Electronics
    • 123stores.com

    "Did not receive all parts of the order. The package is supposed to contain the metal hardware to attach the canvas. The only thing in the box is the canvas. Not the metal to attach the awning canvas."

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