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New Mexico, Albuquerque
Financial Services
  • Robinhood


    1.7 (4044 reviews)
    • Financial Services
    • www.robinhood.com

    "Why is so much problem with this app I need to withdraw my money and theres no way to talk to anyone, this cant be like this"

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  • USAA


    1.7 (810 reviews)
    • Financial Services
    • www.usaa.com

    "Ive called them about me and my grandson was in wreck and there not helping how they have caused us me grief and how we where injured and about my grandsons truck and how he had insurance and how they are suppose to help the..."

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  • Prestige Financial

    Prestige Financial

    1.6 (60 reviews)
    • Financial Services
    • www.myprestige.com

    "I send an email but no reply.
    I can not call them because they always asked a social insurance number which he doesn't have."

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  • Lobel Financial

    Lobel Financial

    1.3 (64 reviews)
    • Financial Services
    • www.lobelfinancial.com

    "Called as showing on my home as a lien. Never heard of them so called and the receptionist was a total rude, condescending *** I am having my attorney handle. I never had such a rude company representative talk to me that way...."

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  • Affirm


    2.5 (1354 reviews)
    • Financial Services
    • www.affirm.com

    "I made a purchase with the loan I qualified for. It said it went though, but it didn't show. When I called, I was told it was declined. I ended up spending $100 more on a different hotel because of it."

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  • Santander Consumer Usa

    Santander Consumer Usa

    1.4 (297 reviews)
    • Financial Services
    • www.santanderconsumerusa.com

    "I moved from one state to another in October 2020. I needed to get my car licensed plated the DOT sent Santander the information no response. My first temporary tag expired January 2 ,2021 . I called Santander and was told that..."

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  • MoneyLion


    2.0 (654 reviews)
    • Financial Services
    • www.moneylion.com

    "I can not get into my account did someone else take it over or did you delete it I need to know my SS number is out there and I don't like that I had two of my accounts taken over from some guy you better hope he did not take..."

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  • Telecheck


    1.1 (101 reviews)
    • Financial Services
    • www.telecheck.com

    "I am a Pro Customer with 20 years experience buying at Home Depot. On my last visit to the Stuart FL store my purchase totaled about $55 and I wrote a check on Seacoast Bank and presented it to the cashier who ran it through and r..."

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  • Ascentium Capital

    Ascentium Capital

    1.0 (35 reviews)
    • Financial Services
    • ascentiumcapital.com

    "I called and waited on hold 41 minutes. I was at work, had a customer come in prior to them answering the phone, I asked them to hold on for a moment, The person said that they can hold on for 30 seconds. any longer then that,..."

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  • Wfs Financial

    Wfs Financial

    1.0 (11 reviews)
    • Financial Services
    • www.wfs-financial.net

    "The number is wrong can't find a real number to call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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