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New Mexico
  • All Creatures Veterinary Clinic

    All Creatures Veterinary Clinic

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Pet Medicine and Veterinary Clinics

    "Yes they did. The owner of this clinic gave my 14 lb cat 68 mg of enrofloxacin per day and sent us home to overdose her for three days when we noticed something wrong with her eyes. We had to take our cat to the ER vet in the midd..."

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  • All Access Tickets

    All Access Tickets

    1.6 (31 reviews)
    • Tickets
    • www.allaccesstickets.com

    "wrong ticket customer, thanks to the guy that hung up on me, I wish him good luck in his customer service, hopefully all your employees are nit like this.otnn"

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  • Alfa Insurance

    Alfa Insurance

    1.7 (39 reviews)
    • Insurance
    • www.alfainsurance.com

    "My auto policy is to be renewed for another 6 months with Progressive. Ive been given wrong informations with my current auto policy. My auto policy went up to an extra $1,000 for renewal. Alfa auto insurance gave me a better..."

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  • Albuquerque Singles

    Albuquerque Singles

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Dating and Social Networking
    • www.albuquerque-singles.com

    "I contracted with Albuquerque Singles on January 27, 2017. When I met my first referral, I realized I had been foolish in having anything to do with Albuquerque Singles. The referral was totally uninterested in hiking, which I had..."

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  • Albion Global

    Albion Global

    1.4 (5 reviews)
    • Software
    • www.albionglobal.com

    "It all started approximately 7-8 years ago when my Yahoo! E-mail account was hacked. Having the full version of Norton Internet Securities, I looked up a phone number identified as Yahoo! Customer Support on the web with a green c..."

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  • Airtkt


    1.5 (84 reviews)
    • Travel Agencies
    • www.airtkt.com

    "They are awful, we canceled an order before we even had the tickets sent to our credit card. But they tried to charge a cancelation fee anyway. When we talked on the phone and tried to cancel the order they hung up on us. Stays..."

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  • Air Optix

    Air Optix

    1.4 (31 reviews)
    • Medical Supplies and Equipment
    • www.airoptix.com

    "I opened the foil pack with solution inside contacts was not inside. I am missing a contact lens out of my 6-month supply I just purchased."

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  • Air and Water

    Air and Water

    • Appliances and Electronics
    • www.air-n-water.com

    "I THOUGHT THAT WAS HIGH. NOW IS COST 1.00 whats up with that. Guess hot air cost money now ... what next 2.00 by 2012. This redicules price
    rate is just got to stop. Those machines are even on timers now. 3-5 minutes. there is p..."

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  • Ahuva


    2.3 (13 reviews)
    • E-commerce
    • www.ahuva.com

    "I am enclosing order number11722 because I would like Joel Levy printed on the bag in Hebrew..
    Sat, Dec 26 at 11:33 AM
    ahuva.comORDER #11722
    Thank you for your purchase!
    Hi Lynn, we're getting your order..."

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  • Afni


    2.0 (4 reviews)
    • Collection Agencies
    • afniupsourcing.com

    "Had an account with AT&T Uverse which was never used. Had it installed and didn't work so returned it to AT&T. They billed us anyways and it was sent to collections for $229. AFNI sent a letter in which we contacted them about..."

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