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New Jersey, Newark
Pools, Spas and Plumbing Supplies
  • ThermoSpas Hot Tubs

    ThermoSpas Hot Tubs

    2.1 (52 reviews)
    • Pools, Spas and Plumbing Supplies
    • www.thermospas.com

    "I am going to withhold ny critiques for now, although I will say that the number of poor reviews are alarming! I see most are about delivery delays. The Thermospa is made in Canada & in case no one is aware, Canada remains in..."

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  • Rec Direct

    Rec Direct

    1.6 (34 reviews)
    • Pools, Spas and Plumbing Supplies
    • www.recdirectfactoryoutlets.com

    "Had their product for a few years. Things started to go wrong. Not complaining, things dont last forever. But for the fact that customer service is very poor. Emails go unanswered. Try calling and your put on a list which takes..."

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  • Monarch Pools and Spas

    Monarch Pools and Spas

    2.6 (3 reviews)
    • Pools, Spas and Plumbing Supplies
    • www.monarchpoolsandspas.com

    "Just want to clarify the review for Monarch Pools and Spas was NOT the Monarch Pools Arizona (or the one in Denver, Colorado). I am the President and CEO of Monarch Pools in Arizona and I was crushed to hear a client speak that..."

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  • Central Jersey Pools

    Central Jersey Pools

    2.9 (5 reviews)
    • Pools, Spas and Plumbing Supplies
    • centraljerseypools.com

    "Horrible experience, installers are the worst, have had nothing but problems and it is going on 3 years now. Once they have your money they want nothing to do with you. Installers they use are the worst, and nobody cares. Go..."

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  • Steam Showers

    Steam Showers

    • Pools, Spas and Plumbing Supplies

    "Have an Arial whirlpool tub and a corner steam shower for 7 years now and so far so good. Granted thats its time to replace the little wheels on the shower doors and do need to fix up the bench support paint that has peeled but i..."

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  • Premier Pools And Spas

    Premier Pools And Spas

    1.5 (34 reviews)
    • Pools, Spas and Plumbing Supplies
    • www.premierpoolsandspas.com

    "Premier Pools and Spas is a DBA Shan Pools inc owned by shan johnson and mike ribnikar. i wrote a 20k check to premier pools and spas and they never did any work. The Judge ruled for them to pay the 20k+ additional cost in..."

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  • Leslies Swimming Pool Supplies

    Leslies Swimming Pool Supplies

    1.8 (141 reviews)
    • Pools, Spas and Plumbing Supplies
    • www.lesliespool.com

    "Leslie's has engaged in consumer fraud. At the time that I placed this order no. WLP0192565, I was told by Leslie's Pools that the item was in stock. This item is not in stock. Leslie's Informed me today (June 15, 2021) that the..."

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  • Jacuzzi


    1.7 (42 reviews)
    • Pools, Spas and Plumbing Supplies
    • www.jacuzzi.com

    "Change system from reading Centigrade to Fahrenheit. Also I have a F1 code I cannot clear. I have replaced both the mother board and the control panel. I have called Jacuzzi Technical support (JTS)but they would not help me..."

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  • Delta Faucet

    Delta Faucet

    2.4 (101 reviews)
    • Pools, Spas and Plumbing Supplies
    • www.deltafaucet.com

    "kitchen faucet 400-DST drips and is hard to move handle day one right out of the box. I emailed them 4 times each time sending a photo of receipt they say receipt does not match registration date ."

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  • Blue Haven Pools

    Blue Haven Pools

    2.0 (30 reviews)
    • Pools, Spas and Plumbing Supplies
    • www.bluehaven.com

    "I contacted Blue Haven pools on April 19, 2021 for a service matter. My pool is less than 2 years old and for the last several days, my pool filter was not working (the water would swirl up/down but never stay filled up in the..."

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