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New Jersey
  • Comcast


    1.6 (2009 reviews)
    • Telecommunications
    • corporate.comcast.com

    "I am still waiting for a call I was told 72 hrs from friday 6/18
    I left Ernest a v.m. and still no call"

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    1.7 (5272 reviews)
    • Telecommunications
    • directv.com

    "CenturyLink is the 3rd party billing agent for DirecTV. Once a month for the last 2 years CenturyLink has sent me a bill for both their internet services and DirecTV satellite services. The June 2021 billing cycle included 2 month..."

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  • Verizon


    1.7 (962 reviews)
    • Telecommunications
    • www.verizon.com

    "I updated phones at verizon. New bill has a $35 per phone upgrade fee. Verizon says I signed agreement saying I'd pay. Refuses to reverse. In addition they bill a military and teachers monthly rate. I asked about it and they say..."

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  • Optimum


    1.4 (755 reviews)
    • Telecommunications
    • www.optimum.net

    "I'm on the phone for almost 3 and 1/2 hours with Optimum, 6 different representatives later, and now I have to get a call back from a damn supervisor...
    I signed up for internet back in March, they had a promotion, if you enroll in..."

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  • ATT


    1.6 (2269 reviews)
    • Telecommunications
    • www.att.com

    "O.kay, so after SIX phone calls over a period of TWO HOURS, I still could not get a real-live person who could speak English, or even get the several different non-English speaking personnel to transfer my call to the continental..."

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  • Magicjack


    1.9 (229 reviews)
    • Telecommunications
    • www.magicjack.com

    "To many to encounter without much that works. It appears to be pure unadulterated BULL SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!"

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  • Xfinity


    1.8 (1727 reviews)
    • Telecommunications
    • www.xfinity.com

    "I just wanted to check new mobile service. Wasnt able to do that. Had nothing to do with service at the house. Not satisfied. I could not get through to an agent."

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  • Verizon Wireless

    Verizon Wireless

    1.8 (959 reviews)
    • Telecommunications
    • www.verizonwireless.com

    "Failure of your current customer service auto call system to fix or connect me to a LIVE rep for tech support for Verizon Hotspot connectivity issues!.."

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  • Dish Network

    Dish Network

    1.7 (1072 reviews)
    • Telecommunications
    • www.dishnetwork.com

    "once your 2 year contract expires they will flat lie and try to say you renewed it.and the price keeps rising.i liked dish network services BUT their customer service is deplorable.they will place you on hold and just leave you.an..."

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  • Sprint


    1.6 (877 reviews)
    • Telecommunications
    • www.sprint.com

    "When I go to Cabo I want my calls covered. I dont want a high bill when I come back. Will my calls be covered"

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