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Missouri, Saint Louis
Household Essentials
  • Energizer


    1.8 (103 reviews)
    • Household Essentials
    • www.energizer.com

    "Alkaline D cell batteries leaked, destroying flashlight and damaging furniture. Reported this to Energizer customer service by phone and email with attached high resolution pictures of the leaking batteries, damaged flashlight and..."

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  • Zerowater


    2.3 (398 reviews)
    • Household Essentials
    • www.zerowater.com

    "The filter does not last me more than 2 weeks. This product is too expensive to use with the purchase of new filters so often. I am very dissapointed with this product!"

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  • Dutch Glow

    Dutch Glow

    1.6 (67 reviews)
    • Household Essentials
    • www.dutchglow.com

    "I want my order. My order # 3075****
    Where is my orderI. I tried to call customer service to no avail. You never answered Please call asap or send me my order"

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  • Sylvania


    1.5 (31 reviews)
    • Household Essentials
    • www.sylvania.com

    "NO help whatsoever with a technical question. Are you people crazy? Is this process all a sick joke? This is not the way American Companies have acted in the past. Good bye."

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  • Sc Johnson

    Sc Johnson

    2.8 (26 reviews)
    • Household Essentials
    • www.scjohnson.com

    "I tried to write SCJohnson directly, but they don't seem to want people to contact them by stating in the email area that their birthdate is "not within the correct range"?!?!?!?! Don't think I've ever seen anything like that..."

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  • Mr Clean

    Mr Clean

    1.7 (39 reviews)
    • Household Essentials
    • www.mrclean.com

    "Went to the mr clean in canton ha waited on my car to be dried for 30 minutes in the boot sun finally just went ant got my car and drove away"

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  • IllumiBowl


    2.0 (52 reviews)
    • Household Essentials
    • illumibowl.com

    "I ordered the new Illini bowl with uv light on 6/5/21 & it hasnt shipped yet. Please let me know when it will ship & when it will be here!
    Julia Hinkle
    (254) 410-****"

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  • Duracell


    1.9 (96 reviews)
    • Household Essentials
    • www.duracell.com

    "Dear Sirs,
    We are Durgam Gida well reputed impoter & trader in food & beverage industry and Located in Turkey & Syria.
    We have 7 branches in Turkey & 5 branches in the Northern Syrian part.
    We own the franchise of man..."

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  • Charmin


    1.9 (211 reviews)
    • Household Essentials
    • www.charmin.com

    "Your ads are annoying. I would never buy your product because or your ads. Stop them if you want sales.I will never buy Charmin even though I like it. When your ad comes on I change my channel. Shoot those offensive *** wiggling..."

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  • BowlSparkle Com

    BowlSparkle Com

    1.2 (247 reviews)
    • Household Essentials
    • bowlsparkle.com

    "There is nothing to tell. The Company got my money and I never received my products (3). I was looking forward to using this product."

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