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Missouri, Saint Louis
  • Alfa Romeo

    Alfa Romeo

    2.5 (3 reviews)
    • Auto
    • www.alfaromeo.com

    "I leased an auto from Towbin Fiat Alfa Romeo on December 19th, 2020. i was told to call my Credit Union for a payoff on my trade in and was quoted a payoff amount of $21,000. I also had a November payment due and to avoid the..."

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  • Alamo


    1.7 (141 reviews)
    • Rentals
    • www.alamo.com

    "I rented a WV Golf with a manual transmission from Alamo at the Trieste Airport. When I arrived there was no one from Alamo at the counter only Alamo's Italian partner Locauto. Locauto proceeded as if the company was filling in fo..."

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  • AirTran Airways

    AirTran Airways

    3.3 (1 review)
    • Airlines and Air Transport
    • www.airtran.com

    "I trusted AirTran again and again they have failed me. My family and I went on a vacation cruise last year and upon returning we found that AirTran had lost all 7 of our bags!!! It took 6 hrs of extreme persistence to get the..."

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  • Airtkt


    1.5 (82 reviews)
    • Travel Agencies
    • www.airtkt.com

    "I booked a ticket from Minneapolis to Gothenburg $1273 +55 for insurance since 10/7/2020, and my travel day was 10/11/2020 when I went to airport to check in my ticket was canceled then I started calling them after waiting about..."

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  • Airbnb


    1.6 (811 reviews)
    • Travel
    • www.airbnb.com

    "A group of 5 were charged the price of 1 guest in our listing. The customer has made payment already to Airbnb with an idea in mind that the money she paid was for 5 guest while this is contrary to our listing rates. We do not..."

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    • Loans and Mortgages
    • ahmsi3.com

    "when our presidient spoke of the "affordable home" project, I called & spoke to the then, AHMSI reps - overseas - at first they sent me ppwrk to submit in which i did, and got a bill for 1200.00 from some podunct refince..."

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    1.5 (4 reviews)
    • Advertising
    • www.agelessrx.com.php53-3.dfw1-2.websitetestlink.com

    "No help from nobody. No customer service. Disappointed. I still have the issue, of the order Metformin."

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  • Afni


    2.0 (4 reviews)
    • Collection Agencies
    • afniupsourcing.com

    "Had an account with AT&T Uverse which was never used. Had it installed and didn't work so returned it to AT&T. They billed us anyways and it was sent to collections for $229. AFNI sent a letter in which we contacted them about..."

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  • Affordable Dentures

    Affordable Dentures

    2.0 (360 reviews)
    • Dentistry
    • www.affordabledentures.com

    "I had my teeth removed with added bone grafts on 7/27/20. It is now 12/1. I still am unable to wear the teeth they gave me. After my last review they did reach out and I gave them a 2nd chance. My last appointment about 3 week..."

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  • Aetna


    1.3 (160 reviews)
    • Insurance
    • www.aetna.com

    "The worst insurance ever!!! 3 weeks and still hasnt resolved COB issue. They hire uneducated people who lack professionalism."

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