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Minnesota, Minneapolis
  • Curbside Waste

    Curbside Waste

    1.7 (35 reviews)
    • Utility
    • www.curbsidewasteinc.com

    "I cancelled my service with Curbside Waste on April 26, 2019 and the account was paid in full at the time of cancellation.
    Over a year after I cancelled my service with them on June 22, 2020 the following charge appeared on my cred..."

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  • CenterPoint Energy

    CenterPoint Energy

    1.6 (85 reviews)
    • Utility
    • www.centerpointenergy.com

    "I have been in constant contact about my Entergy services as well as submitted the proper documentation requested ! Per since I have not received any response or actions towards my regards! I also have no direct number to contact..."

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  • Budget Dumpster

    Budget Dumpster

    1.7 (115 reviews)
    • Utility
    • www.budgetdumpster.com

    "Lied about drop off date, and was charged an overage..."

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  • Ecowater Systems

    Ecowater Systems

    2.4 (80 reviews)
    • Utility
    • www.ecowater.com

    "I had my irrigation system installed by Peters sprinkler systems in 2019, 2020 I had a service call for them to come out and adjust the sprinklers. Took him about a half hour. At that time I paid $99.95 for the service call. Now..."

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  • Xcel Energy

    Xcel Energy

    1.0 (3 reviews)
    • Utility
    • www.xcelenergy.com

    "I have never dealt with a company that is so screwed up 6 months to give me a price to get gas and electric to a new building and this is after they changed things about 4 times now I can't get my meters"

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  • North American Power

    North American Power

    2.2 (37 reviews)
    • Utility
    • www.napower.com

    "Hi Davi - thank you for your comment. We are so sorry to hear that you did not have a good experience with North American Power. After doing some research on your account, we noticed that you enrolled with us on January 14, 2011..."

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  • Murphy Usa

    Murphy Usa

    2.8 (41 reviews)
    • Utility
    • www.murphyusa.com

    "The Murphy gas station off Chantilly parkway in Montgomery, Alabama has the worst service you could ever experience in a matter of 2 mins.I, have never experienced this at any of its thousand of location. Murphy USA Gas station..."

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  • Katadyn North America

    Katadyn North America

    2.7 (2 reviews)
    • Utility
    • www.katadyn.com

    "The unsuccessful cleared on my Steripen ultralight is too faint to read and when I asked for help they want me to pay them for the information. Some customer support."

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  • Enagic Usa

    Enagic Usa

    3.0 (36 reviews)
    • Utility
    • www.enagic.com

    "I had new buy but I didn't get commission
    And I asked my coach she never answer My question please let what next"

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  • Elite Waste Disposal

    Elite Waste Disposal

    • Utility
    • elitewastedisposal.com

    "Constantly raising prices. I pay more for one 32 gallon container than a neighbor pays for 2 -64 gallon and the contracts were started at the same time.

    No senior citizen discounts .

    On 5/14/13 the truck went right past my house an..."

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