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Minnesota, Minneapolis
  • Avast Software

    Avast Software

    1.9 (278 reviews)
    • Software
    • www.avast.com

    "Avast automatic renewal on card with no notice. The system completly crashed from virus.over 12 months ago. and they refuse to refund $69.99AS IS PAST 30 DAYS. The software was never installed or used.
    Buyer Beware"

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  • Safecart


    1.2 (56 reviews)
    • Software
    • www.safecart.com

    "please give me information on order #SPPC-U310714****-37WLB. I have not received the item or know when it will arrive"

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  • Dropbox


    1.6 (215 reviews)
    • Software
    • www.dropbox.com

    "For some reason my account was deleted. I have sent several requests to customer services and have not heard back once which is really disappointing. I have used Dropbox for a while so I had lots of photos and files that I no..."

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  • Bitdefender


    1.9 (138 reviews)
    • Software
    • www.bitdefender.com

    "I have tried to contact them several times about cancelling my account and obtaining a refund with absolutely no replies.
    This is the worst company that I have ever tried to deal with!!!"

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  • Winzip


    1.3 (98 reviews)
    • Software
    • www.winzip.com

    "I doubt anything can be done, but I made the mistake of downloading winzip for a "free" trial period, was not satisfied and did not purchase it. However, it keeps trying to run scans without my approval and constantly interrupts w..."

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  • Total Av

    Total Av

    1.4 (96 reviews)
    • Software
    • www.totalav.com

    "I have said all I want to say several times. I repeat, I want an immediate refund of £46.80 taken out of my account without any authority."

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  • Tech Supply King

    Tech Supply King

    1.7 (6 reviews)
    • Software
    • www.techsupplyking.com

    "After three years, my Win 7 Pro is being flagged as being invalid on my desktop. All efforts to register the product with Microsoft has failed. I want a refund of the money I paid for an now unusable product. This company is..."

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  • SpeedMaxPC


    • Software
    • speedmaxpc.com

    "Everything is worse, the alerts that led me to attempt a repair with speedmax/google have made my little N270 processor feel like Chemo overload. So what I heard from your money collector is that for more money we can diagnose..."

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  • Sitelock


    1.4 (99 reviews)
    • Software
    • www.sitelock.com

    "I had my website shut down three times. Even with the site lock coverage. They stated to remove the malware and send you alerts and weekly reports. I did not receive alerts or a weekly report. They when I spoke to site lock they..."

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  • Private Internet Access

    Private Internet Access

    1.7 (9 reviews)
    • Software
    • www.privateinternetaccess.com

    "How do I view which credit card you are currently using. I can't figure out how only to select a credit card"

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