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Minnesota, Minneapolis
  • Qwest


    2.0 (4 reviews)
    • Media
    • www.qwest.com

    "needing to take line out of a tree and ppl is butting in a pole . Then replace on a pole. Everyone has been very helpful Happy"

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  • Youtube


    2.1 (799 reviews)
    • Media
    • www.youtube.com

    "I love game posting videos on youtube channel. Not coming get code to phone option please give phone option"

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  • Find A Grave

    Find A Grave

    2.2 (177 reviews)
    • Media
    • www.findagrave.com

    "There seems to be no communication worth having so far. Another company that cant be reached person to person. I am just doing my genealogy this year and I am not going to use Ancestry or find a grave. I wish my ancestors were..."

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  • CBS TV

    CBS TV

    2.1 (530 reviews)
    • Media
    • www.cbs.com

    "Does anyone monitor the on air signal out of the CBS affiliate in Jacksonville Florida ? They have over the past 3 weeks continued to dump out of the CBS Evening news and start Judge Judy 5 minutes early. Don't appreciate missing..."

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  • Tv Land

    Tv Land

    1.9 (633 reviews)
    • Media
    • www.tvland.com

    "Everyone loves Raymond is always in Spanish. Please fix. My residents can't watch the show they love because it's in Spanish"

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  • Nbc Sports

    Nbc Sports

    1.5 (331 reviews)
    • Media
    • www.nbcsports.com

    "been a fan of nascar over 45 years that includes F1 and cart your coverage in car racing really truely honestly sucks especially cart and nascar dale junior should quit go to fox your announcers in cart omg really really suck.NBC..."

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  • Yahoo


    1.7 (968 reviews)
    • Media
    • www.yahoo.com

    "Why doesn't Yahoo have a customer service phone number?
    If the problem doesn't fit into one of their online "canned" resolutions, there is no way to get upir problem handled.
    Not very customer oriented."

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  • CBS Sports

    CBS Sports

    1.9 (198 reviews)
    • Media
    • www.cbssports.com

    "Nance needs to get his COVID stats right for Canada. US has far worse numbers than Canada. And of course Ontario has a high % of the country cases. We have the highest % of the country total population. If he doesn't know the..."

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    2.3 (157 reviews)
    • Media
    • www.msnbc.com

    "You *** are too scared to answer the phone typical libtards you are fake news and one day you will answer for it"

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  • JustHookup


    1.4 (5 reviews)
    • Media

    "As of July 2017, the website fails DNS lookup, so probably closed for good. My issues: Price switching. Exact prices escape me at the moment, as this was 4 years ago. I think it was normally $79.95 for lifetime membership, one..."

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