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Indiana, Indianapolis
  • PNC Bank

    PNC Bank

    1.4 (305 reviews)
    • Banks
    • www.pnc.com

    "When I went to PNC in Carbondale today i wanted to get something notarized. The girl that was in the lobby stated I needed a appointment. I asked just to get something notarized?Then she asked for the paper I wanted notarized and..."

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  • Chase Bank

    Chase Bank

    1.5 (659 reviews)
    • Banks
    • www.chase.com

    "My Chase bank was block with $80000 but I got someone that help me out with it you can contact this number 720928****"

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  • Green Dot Corporation

    Green Dot Corporation

    1.4 (1784 reviews)
    • Banks
    • www.greendot.com

    "Csr service is potty they cannot provide service at all out on hold and then hang up. I am done canceling this card aASAP"

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  • Fifth Third Bank

    Fifth Third Bank

    1.5 (273 reviews)
    • Banks
    • www.53.com

    "I have never been late on any payments in my life, I opened savings account, checking acct, and moved all into fifth third then they refued me a credit card for no reason"

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  • Capital One

    Capital One

    1.6 (637 reviews)
    • Banks
    • www.capitalone.com

    "I was informed I would not be able to login, and wouldn't receive my CapitalOne Walmart card because I needed to verify my identity, and address. I have downloaded the requested documents a few times. However, I have had the..."

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  • Flagstar Bank

    Flagstar Bank

    1.4 (100 reviews)
    • Banks
    • www.flagstar.com

    "We have been trying to refinance for months and we kept getting
    conflicting information about what FG needed from us to process
    our application - we went through the whole thing twice. I posted
    a BBB complaint and got a number to cal..."

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  • Wells Fargo

    Wells Fargo

    1.5 (500 reviews)
    • Banks
    • www.wellsfargo.com

    "Scram got my information I PayPal money from my account to scram $700 so I email PayPal to refund my money back the scram call me today if I dont call PayPal the will do bank transfer because scram got my information my ID and my..."

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  • Metabank


    1.4 (482 reviews)
    • Banks
    • www.metabank.com

    "I have a net spend card and I had did a dispute against my phone company spectrum now I'm having trouble with both of them trying to get the money cause they cut my phone every morning cause the amount is 383.79 is what net spend..."

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  • Huntington Bank

    Huntington Bank

    1.6 (221 reviews)
    • Banks
    • www.huntington.com

    "Made this complaint a week ago and have heard nothing back from Huntington Bank. Poor customer service for sure."

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  • GoBank


    1.5 (1548 reviews)
    • Banks
    • gobank.com

    "When trying to register the card it will take the information but the card has $350 on it just trying to get the card activated"

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