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Illinois, Chicago
Service Centers and Repairs
  • First Extended Service Corporation

    First Extended Service Corporation

    1.3 (73 reviews)
    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • www.firstextended.com

    "My car In shop checking warranty been on phone for 1 houri cant get thru to no one this is so frustrating"

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  • Safelite Autoglass

    Safelite Autoglass

    1.7 (394 reviews)
    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • www.safelite.com

    "I need my replacement part. This was 6 months ago with no contact. A piece was broken on insulation and a replacement part was suppose to be ordered. And no contact number. Bad"

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  • Pep Boys

    Pep Boys

    1.8 (441 reviews)
    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • www.pepboys.com

    "Called the and spoke with the manager Daryl. I asked for a tire balance and rotation. He was very nice and said "come on in, I can do it right now". I was there in less than 10 minutes. He and his saleman were in chairs talking to..."

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  • Speedway Gas Station

    Speedway Gas Station

    2.3 (521 reviews)
    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • www.speedway.com

    "Hello I went to the store on 3550 n campbell ave Tucson Arizona 85719. And your worker failed to see me when I was making a purchase. He flat out ingnored me.the date 6/19/2012 315 am. Doors locked and had to have headphones in...."

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  • Midas


    1.6 (467 reviews)
    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • www.midas.com

    "I took my vehicle in for an oil change now it is smoking and leaking oil and leaking antifreeze....."

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  • Discount Tire

    Discount Tire

    2.1 (352 reviews)
    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • www.discounttire.com

    "Still no help! Thanks someone used the credit on my card and I have not been reimbursed for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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  • Delta Sonic Car Wash

    Delta Sonic Car Wash

    2.3 (100 reviews)
    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • www.deltasoniccarwash.com

    "I had unlimited interior cleaning on my 07 impala. I purchased a new vehicle but I have the same plates. I was told that my service was canceled for 5 to 6 months but I have gotten my car cleaned within the last two months."

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  • Aamco


    1.5 (314 reviews)
    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • www.aamco.com

    "I recently had my transmission rebuilt by Aamco. I have had my truck back for 2 weeks and now I can't drive my truck to even go the McDonald's drive thru. Otherwise truck will die. It will not idle for longer than 5 minutes...."

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  • Firestone Complete Auto Care

    Firestone Complete Auto Care

    1.7 (401 reviews)
    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • www.firestonecompleteautocare.com

    "Car broke down- had alternator replaced- had car towed to different garage- said it is an alternator problem. Called Firestone to check warranty info - calling over an hour- no one answers the phone!"

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  • Tires Plus

    Tires Plus

    1.8 (268 reviews)
    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • www.tiresplus.com

    "November 23, 2020 - I dropped off my 2018 Tesla Model X to get
    a tire fixed. The servicemen told me that i needed to have both
    back tires replaced. For the package, it would cost me: $599.82
    to replace both back tires. I agreed to mo..."

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