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Illinois, Chicago
Pet Stores
  • Petco


    2.1 (501 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • www.petco.com

    "Always went to this new petco at 18 teterboro landing dr. teterboro, n.j.
    After looking threw there tanks they only had small pleckos and mayby 4 topes in all the tanks. So I asked the salesman for 2 large plecko`s for my tank. The..."

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  • Petsmart


    1.9 (610 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • www.petsmart.com

    "BullshitYour Hylan Blvd hasn't been able to sell any type of live fish for over 6 weeks!!!! What type of business are you guys running especially the blvd store is " BRAND NEW "!!!!! And now I found out that the Forest Avenue store..."

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  • Petland


    1.4 (88 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • www.petland.com

    "Hi. My name is Amanda. I bought a Red Tail Boa from your store in Bradenton FL in April. He had some strange skin problems a couple weeks later and I brought him back in and they said he is fine and to just keep misting him every..."

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  • PetGentle


    1.9 (293 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • buypetgentle.com

    "I didn't receive any tracking info and no way to contact the company to find out what happened to my order that was made weeks ago.
    After going through pissedconsumer like magic the tracking info appeared and three or four days lat..."

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  • Pet Supplies Plus

    Pet Supplies Plus

    2.3 (93 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • www.petsuppliesplus.com

    "I was asked 3X to repeat my telephone number because the clerk could not access the system. A young girl standing by finally went over to enter the information. Right before doing so she rolled her eyes at me, because she did not..."

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  • "Many years ago this ***, Jennifer, never sent me my merchandise. Insisted she sent it and didn't have any proof of it. I sent her the money and she never sent me the dog beds. What a piece of *** she is! Called my work and..."

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  • Freshpet


    2.0 (155 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • freshpet.com

    "My dog kept getting sick.
    I feel horrible I didnt research this food.
    It should be taken off the market. I am going to demand my local grocery store take this off their shelves. This company should be ashamed of themselves for killi..."

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  • The Monkey Whisperer

    The Monkey Whisperer

    1.8 (6 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • themonkeywhisperer.com

    "Jiim Hammonds sold me a sick monkey on Friday. Died on Monday. This person needs to be stopped. Im getting a list together of people he has did this to. Contact me 205294****."

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  • Seresto


    1.5 (60 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • www.seresto.com

    "My very lovely and expensive Ragdoll cat needed a flea prevention, and I saw the Seresto flea collar. He had it on for 2 days, then I noticed a massive patch of red skin, hair missing a d the beginning of a sore on his neck where..."

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  • Saltcritters


    1.6 (7 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • www.saltcritters.com

    "Ordered from them twice in the last 2 months. Orders arrived better than expected. Great communication."

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