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Illinois, Aurora
Food Manufacturers
  • Kelloggs


    1.7 (317 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers
    • www.kelloggs.com

    "Absolutely, the recipe needs to be changed back to what it was. So many things nowadays have changed, whether its for financial reasons, pandemic reasons, or to be politically correct so as not to offend certain groups of people...."

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  • Hostess Brands

    Hostess Brands

    1.9 (477 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers
    • hostessbrands.com

    "Ding *** back in the day were soooooo good! They were individually wrapped in foil, the chocolate frosting was thicker, shiny, dark and smooth, I purchased a box yesterday and was shocked to see what the Ding *** looked like and..."

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  • Cookies By Design

    Cookies By Design

    1.5 (26 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers
    • www.cookiesbydesign.com

    "Delivery was unconfirmed until I ( the buyer) called the recipient late in the day to see if delivery was made. Recipient said it had just arrived, very late in the day.....cookies by design never sent confirmation. I paid an..."

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  • Chips Ahoy

    Chips Ahoy

    2.1 (314 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers
    • www.chipsahoy.com

    "I opened a family size of chips ahoy chewy they were stuck together and partially crumbled. They were also a different color than usual."

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  • Butterball


    1.4 (75 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers
    • www.butterball.com

    "HappyHappyThe egg cup is sealed to tight to open without scissors.
    there were 2 green cubits and 2 red cubits and 0 onion cubits in my egg. pkg by P-46049sye"

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