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  • Panda Express

    Panda Express

    2.2 (935 reviews)
    • Fast Food
    • www.pandaexpress.com

    "Every time I go to the Upland Ca store on Mountain Av.
    I go to check out and pay. Yesterday, the same happened-
    first, they always ask if you want to donate to a bogus
    charity. It does not mention donation on your receipt, and
    they do..."

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  • Kaiser Permanente

    Kaiser Permanente

    1.7 (278 reviews)
    • Insurance
    • www.kaiserpermanente.org

    "On phone medical record section, unable to get record of shots. Had flu shot and need proof section not showing up on phone."

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  • Advertisements


    1.7 (5,310 reviews)
    • Telecommunications
    • directv.com

    "Why cant you get your program guide to coordinate with what you are actually showing on TV. Theres not crap worth watching these days, but the few shows that are any good you screw up. It makes me come real close to just ditching..."

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  • American Home Shield

    American Home Shield

    1.4 (2,389 reviews)
    • Household Services
    • www.ahswarranty.com

    "AHS has very poor service, especially its customer service located in Philippians:
    My A/C broke last September; still AHS has no idea when It's going to get fix.
    All I here from customer service from Philippine is nonsense. No respo..."

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  • Allegiant Air

    Allegiant Air

    1.7 (1,006 reviews)
    • Airlines and Air Transport
    • www.allegiantair.com

    "I have a cold n don't want to travel. Want to cancel my flight to Las Vegas tomorrow evening.
    The flight was bought by my sister. Hope she gets some of her money back or can use the ticket at a later date.
    My phone number is 425-505..."

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  • Telebrands


    1.9 (400 reviews)
    • E-commerce
    • www.telebrands.com

    "I just opened my 75 feet new pocket hose brass bullet. It is leaking from two places!
    I have two more 50 feet and 100 feet I am very happy with those!"

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  • Taco Bell

    Taco Bell

    2.0 (2,759 reviews)
    • Fast Food
    • www.tacobell.com

    "No body answer my question Im trying to found out why the have time show it closed or anything says open"

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  • Sears Home Services

    Sears Home Services

    1.3 (1,128 reviews)
    • Household Services
    • www.searshomeservices.com

    "I scheduled an appointment for repair of Kenmore washer (3 week wait) which is okay. They tell you the technician will be there between 8am and 5pm. I received a phone at 10:30 that the technician truck had broken down, and they..."

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  • Priceline


    1.5 (1,304 reviews)
    • Travel Agencies
    • www.priceline.com

    "I dialed 866-646-****. Each time I called, someone different got on the phone. Though they said it was price line, each of them told me something different. I was told to go to Walmart and purchase an American Express Card or a..."

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  • LBC Express

    LBC Express

    1.5 (1,359 reviews)
    • Transportation and Logistics
    • www.lbcexpress.com

    "I called LBC and mention they will make a report for my passport renewed last month here in Ha far Al Bain and I haven't receive it until to this day.
    Promise they will call me regarding the update."

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