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Georgia, Smyrna
  • Fanatics


    2.4 (2,707 reviews)
    • Sport Equipment and Accessories
    • www.fanatics.com

    "They said processing could take up to two weeks!They should put that on their site to let customers know!"

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  • Wish


    2.0 (8,645 reviews)
    • Auctions and Marketplaces
    • www.wish.com

    I purchase two leather gaming chairs for $27.00 each and I did not cancel my order my account was debt twice and i was refunded once, i still need those black and red gaming chairs for the same price that was advertised plea..."

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  • Stitch Fix

    Stitch Fix

    3.1 (741 reviews)
    • Footwear and Clothing
    • www.stitchfix.com

    "For as long as I have been at my resident, I have never had a package stolen off my front step. The customer service rep was very understanding of my situation and took care of my issue. Thank you"

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  • Roblox


    3.0 (4,392 reviews)
    • Games and Movies
    • www.roblox.com

    "Im locked out of my sons account and even though we have user name and passwords credit card info they still refuse to help. Customer support emails are robotic in nature."

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  • Affirm


    2.3 (2,096 reviews)
    • Financial Services
    • www.affirm.com

    "I called twice and the first time the lady told me I would receive a call back ad I would have to send info to verify that its me and you guys would fix my account but I never got a call. I waited some time and my account was..."

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  • Walmart


    2.2 (4,869 reviews)
    • Supermarkets and Malls
    • www.walmart.com

    "I ordered through Walmart.com, I paid in full, however, I have not received the item!! Please help find out why &;;;;;;;;;;;; when we will expect delivery???"

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  • Waffle House

    Waffle House

    2.4 (1,310 reviews)
    • Cafes, Restaurants and Bars
    • www.wafflehouse.com

    "At waffle house 1864 in Winona, Ms. They are closing tables while having extra customers coming through the door because they didn't want to clean the tables. And they were rude about it and had 5 people working."

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  • Amazon


    2.2 (5,162 reviews)
    • Auctions and Marketplaces
    • www.amazon.com

    "I havent gotten my refund yet and now the company is saying 15 days when Amazon said 3 to 5 business days"

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  • Groupon


    1.6 (3,631 reviews)
    • Gift Cards, Rewards and Cashbacks
    • www.groupon.com

    "Paid for 4 Groupons that were not even required for a seafood event with not one piece of seafood. Brought my friends and kids. No alcohol or kid events.

    Groupons customer service with no phone number refused reimbursement and only..."

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  • Dollar Shave Club

    Dollar Shave Club

    2.2 (1,381 reviews)
    • Beauty Supplies and Equipment
    • www.dollarshaveclub.com

    "Have not received my new blades. This us going I n for over a month. Put in new debit card, no luck. Use PayPal, no luck. Keeps com I no back with problem processing my iorder. If I could actually and talk to someone, this could..."

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