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Georgia, Flowery Branch
  • Laura Lynn

    Laura Lynn

    3.0 (3 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers

    "Laura Lynn Essentials "made with real strawberries"? There was only 1 slice of a strawberry in the whole box. So that's not plural, not even a single strawberry in total. This made it just basically boring "Corn Flakes". Kellogs..."

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  • Kwon Pediatric Dentistry

    Kwon Pediatric Dentistry

    1.3 (6 reviews)
    • Dentistry
    • www.kwonsmiles.com

    "Horrible experience, very unprofessional, they have been. After 1 hour past the appointment we were still not seen by the doctor yet. When I asked why, the manager just said it's like any hospitals you should expect delays by..."

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  • Kohls


    2.4 (1,296 reviews)
    • Supermarkets and Malls
    • www.kohls.com

    "I still have not received my card so i don't know how you expect me to make a payment if i don't know my account number"

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  • Kaiser Permanente

    Kaiser Permanente

    1.7 (284 reviews)
    • Insurance
    • www.kaiserpermanente.org

    "I went there last Friday January 21 in ER in the morning between 7-8 am with severe pain on my left side of my body. They were excellent until they gave me a second dose of morphine after few hours the nurse told me Im being..."

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  • Ipsy


    1.9 (1,787 reviews)
    • Cosmetics and Personal Care
    • www.ipsy.com

    "I don't want it anymore because I don't wear makeup and I don't care for the product it is too much for me"

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  • Instagram


    2.0 (1,794 reviews)
    • Dating and Social Networking
    • www.instagram.com

    "My account was hacked las night and the change all of my info I was so f *** because all of my pictures are there and they are using my porfil to post *** is not me and I lost all of it."

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  • Ingles Markets

    Ingles Markets

    2.4 (214 reviews)
    • Supermarkets and Malls
    • www.ingles-markets.com

    "I had to return an item, and he was very nasty about it.
    He was very unprofessional with the cashier asking her what do you want now!
    And the attitude with me was extremely rude and disrespectful. I have been shopping at the store f..."

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  • Hopper


    1.5 (1,497 reviews)
    • Travel Agencies
    • www.hopper.com

    "Pricing increase every time we are about to book . How can we have the price before we even proceed. Pls advise"

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  • HomeAway


    1.4 (222 reviews)
    • Travel
    • www.homeaway.com

    "So I booked a condo in Panama City Beach Florida through Book That Condo.
    We arrived at our unit which we booked for a week. I frequent PCB monthly!
    The second day we noticed the stove burners were rusted and also when we put
    our clo..."

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  • Hibbett Sports

    Hibbett Sports

    1.9 (165 reviews)
    • Sport Equipment and Accessories
    • www.hibbett.com

    "She fired me for a dumb reason Bc I had true dr notes and show that I was sick and not feeling good and show my dr notes that I had gotten from now and was waiting for my last one I told her and she didnt care and fired me?."

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