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Georgia, Austell
  • Instagram


    2.2 (1,090 reviews)
    • Dating and Social Networking
    • www.instagram.com

    "I need your help login my old Instagram account its _.sa003 I dont have the access if my old email and my phone number plz help me long in I need my old account back"

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  • Huggies


    1.8 (11 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty
    • www.huggies.com

    "I just put my 2 month baby huggies diaper on size 1 red box, on the side of the diaper *** came out; why these diapers having my baby *** coming out on the side by her legs, I need free ones"

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  • Home Shopping Network

    Home Shopping Network

    2.0 (88 reviews)
    • E-commerce
    • www.hsn.com

    "My debit card was charged 1999 and I did not order anything I want my money refunded today or I am reporting this to the BBC"

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  • Havoline


    1.8 (25 reviews)
    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • www.havoline.com

    "i took my jeep patriot to havoline in downtown atl for an oil change on july 25. by aug 11 my oil lamp light came on and my engine locked up and seized. car hasnt worked or moved since. come to find out the whole oil drain plug..."

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  • Greentree Servicing

    Greentree Servicing

    1.2 (70 reviews)
    • Loans and Mortgages
    • www.gtservicing.com

    "I bought a 1996 mobile home in 1999 brand new, its Finance threw Green Tree, o have already paid 85.000, balance is 27.000 thousand still, only worth 12000 now, can they do that"

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  • Goodwill


    1.9 (440 reviews)
    • Non Profit Organizations
    • www.goodwill.org

    "First, I love Goodwill stores, and I go to every one I happen to see, and also do this while traveling in other states.. I also donate car loads of items to my local Goodwill. I really must voice my concern about a Goodwill my hus..."

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  • Five Guys

    Five Guys

    2.1 (147 reviews)
    • Cafes, Restaurants and Bars
    • www.fiveguys.com

    "Ordered online never got food or refund. They said they don't have any orders even though I showed them my confirmation number and my bank statement showing that purchase. They have no clue what there doing and this is the 4th..."

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  • Firestone Complete Auto Care

    Firestone Complete Auto Care

    1.7 (418 reviews)
    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • www.firestonecompleteautocare.com

    "I took my car to Firestone Complete Auto Care for an oil change. Within 24 hours, my car broke down due to engine malfunction.
    I immediately called the Firestone location where I obtain service at. I was informed by the store manag..."

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  • Fetch Rewards

    Fetch Rewards

    2.3 (402 reviews)
    • Gift Cards, Rewards and Cashbacks
    • www.fetchrewards.com

    "500 of my points randomly disappeared while I was figuring out how to work Fetch. I never redeemed or used it."

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  • Eventbrite


    1.6 (144 reviews)
    • Tickets
    • www.eventbrite.com

    "Covid cant attend an event.horrible company . ant reach themwebsite impossible to respond to
    none of there phone numbers are valid"

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