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Georgia, Atlanta
  • Duke Energy

    Duke Energy

    1.6 (205 reviews)
    • Utility

    "Driver of truck #1667 license tag NL4616 nearly caused an accident and demonstrated road rage. Call me about it."

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  • Valero


    2.1 (215 reviews)
    • Utility

    "I live across the street from Valero corner store on Gulf Bank rd. Houston tx.
    This store is price gouging most of the food and other things
    $2.29 for a box of Martin salt, $2.59 for a reese's prices, they are doing this because it'..."

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  • NWP Services Corporation

    NWP Services Corporation

    1.4 (39 reviews)
    • Utility

    "I have a 269$ water bill for one month! Cant be right, I have several work orders about the toilet running in my bathrooms. Why am I not eligible for a leak adjustment? I use to turn the *** on the back of toilet because it ran an..."

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  • Atlanta Gas Light

    Atlanta Gas Light

    1.5 (11 reviews)
    • Utility

    "Their field agent was rude and arrogant, and said that my water heater was illegal and turned off my gas. The water heater was installed in 2004, and passed inspection then and when I bought the house in 2010. I called in my..."

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  • Washington Gas

    Washington Gas

    1.5 (59 reviews)
    • Utility

    "I have been trying to change the bank account number for my automated payment plan but I can never get through to speak to anyone. There is always an hour or longer wait time and I don't have time to sit around and wait to speak..."

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  • "Well...even after his CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYER AND POLICE have advised him to return the $10,000 he STOLE to avoid the felony charges coming his way...He STILL has not returned the money!! Willie J Akers of Gainesville, GA is a **..."

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  • Murphy Usa

    Murphy Usa

    2.6 (55 reviews)
    • Utility

    "I was told that I took too long in the bathroom and the attendant yelled at me in front of many customers and then proceeded to come and lock the bathroom door saying "I will remember you, you can not use the restroom again. Then..."

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  • Louisville Gas and Electric

    Louisville Gas and Electric

    2.0 (7 reviews)
    • Utility

    "LG&E has a nice scheme they cooked up. Since I only use LG&E for heat I go to seasonal turnoff in the summer. Well to punish customers for not letting them rack up 20$ fee every month to read the meter for 0 services used, they ge..."

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  • Generac Power Systems

    Generac Power Systems

    1.5 (170 reviews)
    • Utility

    "Refuse to service , been a week . I want my money back . It worked on day one and since then it just turns on and doesnt power up when power goes out . Been down twice since I reported the issue . Said Im on the list ."

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  • Exxonmobil


    1.5 (50 reviews)
    • Utility

    "Application for New Account and the 800 number I was given was not the number for new accounts, it was for existing accounts. I had to jump through hoops and push 500 buttons in order to finally get an option to get to another..."

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