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Georgia, Atlanta
Transportation and Logistics
  • Cr England

    Cr England

    1.7 (42 reviews)
    • Transportation and Logistics
    • www.crengland.com

    "I didnt speak with anyone. didnt even got the phone to ring but I am a Jamaican who admired the company and was wondering if I could get Sponsored to come to America to drive for the company an make a better life for my family cur..."

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  • Ceva Logistics

    Ceva Logistics

    1.3 (226 reviews)
    • Transportation and Logistics
    • www.cevalogistics.com

    "Ceva scheduled delivery of my order 2 times and never followed through. When I called customer service, they sent an email, requested I wait 72 more hours and then call the local office in Charlotte. However, the numbers given to..."

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  • Wolverine Transport

    Wolverine Transport

    1.7 (7 reviews)
    • Transportation and Logistics
    • www.wolverinetransport.com

    "Had contract with him to pick up my bike in Az and transport back to Ct contracted through Uship. Didn’t show up during the 5 day window keep giving me excuses about the delay. He never picks up your phone calls, didn’t keep to..."

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  • Us Xpress

    Us Xpress

    1.2 (18 reviews)
    • Transportation and Logistics
    • www.usxpress.com

    "truck #03452 - continues to show a lack of respect for the yard , speeding and does not comply with yard rules at dc #8206 sams club charlotte,nc...we asked you to remove her from this account last wknd"

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  • Tiger Logistics

    Tiger Logistics

    • Transportation and Logistics
    • www.tigerlogisticsinc.com

    "The signs were there that this was going to happen. At the regional managers meeting they had in Memphis and flew some of us out there, Major said their goal was to be at $50 million in 5 years. After a few years Chris Manley was..."

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  • Sunpass


    1.4 (73 reviews)
    • Transportation and Logistics
    • www.sunpass.com

    "Telling me my license plate is registered to someone else. How can two people have the same license plate"

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  • Stevens Transport

    Stevens Transport

    2.7 (14 reviews)
    • Transportation and Logistics
    • www.stevenstransport.com

    "I didnt hear back from them yet"

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  • Shipstation


    1.8 (9 reviews)
    • Transportation and Logistics
    • www.shipstation.com

    "Questions about carriers have left messages no response I'm 70 to and would like to speak to someone"

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  • ShipAlmostAnything


    • Transportation and Logistics

    "I was on shipalmostanything the other day after being scammed on uship.com. I noticed a few providers on shipalmostanything that were banned from uship for scamming and operating outside their DOT authority. It seems shipalmostany..."

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  • Ryder


    1.4 (97 reviews)
    • Transportation and Logistics
    • www.ryder.com

    "Call to get a rental tractor trailer, website says 1 available , I call the lady in rental department has a attitude already and doesn't even let you ask the question before she say do you have an account, before you answer the..."

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