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Georgia, Atlanta
Service Centers and Repairs
  • Tires Plus

    Tires Plus

    1.8 (267 reviews)
    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • www.tiresplus.com

    "Do Took my car in for a tuneup. And oiil change, then I started getting told owe your got to pay for this you got to pay for that, because they didnt know they had to remove certain things for tuneup! Finally got my car back..."

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  • Pep Boys

    Pep Boys

    1.8 (440 reviews)
    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • www.pepboys.com

    "6I gave a two week notice for
    6-15-21. Because of Carlos Romero raising his voice at me on 6/7/21 about 4:40pm I told him I quit.
    I failed to clock out cause i was upset. So need my final paycheck asap..
    Last Day 6/7/21
    Please respond..."

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  • Aamco


    1.5 (314 reviews)
    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • www.aamco.com

    "The Aamco at 22351 Mission blvd. in Hayward Ca. is the worst auto care center i have ever dealt with. long story short transmission went out had rebuilt put in three year warranty it broke in 1 and a half years had second one put..."

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  • Just Brakes

    Just Brakes

    1.4 (54 reviews)
    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • www.justbrakes.com

    "I came into just brakes to have my brake checked because I was putting a lot of pressure on my brakes to stop. The mechanic could not tell me what Was going on with my brakes. So I looked at my brake and saw that the pads was ok..."

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  • Mavis Discount Tire

    Mavis Discount Tire

    1.6 (869 reviews)
    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • www.mavistire.com

    "I attempted to use a fleet maintenance program called ARI at this particular Westbury location on Old Country road, to repair a tire with a slow leak. Ive used this at several Mavis locations before.
    Out comes what I assume was the..."

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    1.7 (278 reviews)
    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • www.maaco.com

    "I had several car parts painted in February at a shop in Westland MI, had to have the hood redone and it still isn't the best, but I can live with it. I moved to Kansas City and noticed the paint is peeling off of the rear bumper..."

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  • Firestone Complete Auto Care

    Firestone Complete Auto Care

    1.7 (401 reviews)
    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • www.firestonecompleteautocare.com

    "Car broke down- had alternator replaced- had car towed to different garage- said it is an alternator problem. Called Firestone to check warranty info - calling over an hour- no one answers the phone!"

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  • Safelite Autoglass

    Safelite Autoglass

    1.7 (389 reviews)
    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • www.safelite.com

    "Bad work bad work bad work bad work bad work bad work
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  • Interstate National Dealer Services

    Interstate National Dealer Services

    2.0 (35 reviews)
    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • www.inds.com

    "They harass the *** out of you. Theyll call you continuously, everyday trying to get your money."

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  • American Automobile Association

    American Automobile Association

    1.5 (117 reviews)
    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • www.aaa.com

    "Trying to get a triptic yesterday was on hold for two hrs and this morning so far its been almost an hour. Can we please get some help!!!!!!!!"

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