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Georgia, Atlanta
Jewelry and Accessories
  • Jared


    1.7 (217 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.jared.com

    "I have never been more DISSATISFIED with my purchases than I am with Jared!! What a frustrating experience!! I have spent over 12,000 dollars there over 5 years and STILL have yet to see my LEVIAN CERTIFICATES!! I have expressed..."

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  • Icing


    1.9 (23 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.icing.com

    "The cashier was rude and service was poor and the store is not clean and I will not be back no thank you"

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  • Helzberg Diamonds

    Helzberg Diamonds

    1.8 (101 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.helzberg.com

    "Helzberg Diamonds is not a quality place, they are so proud of their diamonds, necklaces. The products do not move or sell, I was not surprised by their high prices. But I was surprised they had so many rings, necklaces. The..."

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  • GetNameNecklace


    1.6 (280 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.getnamenecklace.com

    "I did 2 orders and was changed 4 times. Refund my money. Thank you my email is yomosgirl03@***.con"

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  • Florence Scovel

    Florence Scovel

    1.6 (220 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.florencescoveljewelry.com

    "I kept emailing the company only for them to tell me that it was always in transit. I tried calling them but the number was no good."

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  • Fast Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs

    Fast Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs

    1.7 (26 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.fastfix.com

    "I took a watch to be repaired the employee was sleeping and not helpful"

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  • Dana Augustine

    Dana Augustine

    3.5 (7 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.danaaugustineinc.com

    "I had never heard of your company until yesterday, when In met Ms. Kari Stringer!!! A true angel on earth! Ms. Kari, explained EVERY detail of the process, the amount of knowledge and understanding of every stone, size,..."

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  • Citizen Watch

    Citizen Watch

    2.2 (10 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.citizenwatch.com

    "Your drivers are very inconsiderate I sit in food places and watch as people pull in and park and come in and this happens multiple times a day your drivers pull in and park in a handicap stall or across the walkway going into..."

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  • Brighton Collectibles

    Brighton Collectibles

    2.3 (77 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.brighton.com

    "All my bracelets have tarnished....Ive purchased many pieces for me and for gifts...your ad states that these pieces will not tarnish...I want to send them back to you and hope you can fix them....if not just throw them away...."

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  • Bestwatches Cn

    Bestwatches Cn

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Jewelry and Accessories

    "BE AWARE!!!! I was trying to buy a Rolex watch Replica for my husband. The transaction was $175 but this people tried to take $190 out from my bank account. Fortunately Bank of America sent me a warning text to my cellphone..."

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