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Georgia, Atlanta
Jewelry and Accessories
  • Omega Watches

    Omega Watches

    3.2 (2 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.omegawatches.com

    "I have been fortunate to purchase an Omega Constellation Automatic at auction and note thar it has been officially certified. Its serial no is 3613****.
    Are you able to provide me with a duplicate test certificate?.
    Kind regards, Ro..."

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  • Nikola Valenti Jewelry

    Nikola Valenti Jewelry

    1.6 (41 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.nikolavalenti.com

    "I did not send for the jewelry I do not want to continue to receive them I did not ask for these pieces"

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  • Mayors


    4.1 (1 review)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.mayors.com

    "In or around January 2007 I left my white gold, solitaire diamond ring in Mayors Jewelers, inside of Lenox Mall, with Manger Mick Howard. Ik had taken the ring there on more than one time. I had it cleaned several times in a machi..."

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  • Marks And Morgan Jewelers

    Marks And Morgan Jewelers

    1.9 (8 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories

    "Your employee from your Governors Square store had nothing good to say about working with you. She says she works for below minimum wage and she is planing to quit working there if Kohl's hires her. Her last name is Hernandez."

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  • Mark And Graham

    Mark And Graham

    1.7 (65 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.markandgraham.com

    "Simply The worst. Each time Ive paid to have gifts wrapped they dont do it. The quality of merchandise is poor and the service is terrible. They dont make things right when they make errors and their error rate is higher than it..."

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  • Malleries


    2.0 (8 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.malleries.com

    "This is my second time patronizing this site and in both cases the products were fakes. The most recent was a Prada purse and wallet that I purchased from Sandgren's Fashion Depot. Red flag this company is based in Japan the..."

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  • Luxcellent


    3.1 (4 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.luxcellent.com

    "They sell fakes. I wish I would have read the reviews more closely to notice that they are also fake, and trusted my instincts to return the item immediately."

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  • Liquidation Channel

    Liquidation Channel

    3.1 (114 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.liquidationchannel.com

    "I shop a LC. I am not rich., so most of my purchases are under $20.00 i have received pendants and the chains were tangled. I think they could secure them better, however all the handling and banging around from shipping..."

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  • Kylas Kreations

    Kylas Kreations

    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • kylaskreations.net

    Stolen merchandise
    Do not shop with her"

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  • Jomashop


    1.9 (353 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.jomashop.com

    "Two terrible experiences in row, thought the first one was unfortunate situation and purchase second time, still waiting for weeks...Never again"

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