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  • Century 21 Real Estate

    Century 21 Real Estate

    1.1 (30 reviews)
    • Real Estate

    "Ann or Joann won't stop calling me from 425-209-****
    for several months now she calls at least 5 times a week! I have told her repeatedly not to call and my house is NOT for sale. I have told her it is harrassment to keep calling s..."

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  • Bella Collina

    Bella Collina

    2.2 (25 reviews)
    • Real Estate

    "Don't do weddings here, don't fall for this trap! My very close friend was a bride in a wedding that took place here, in Bella Collina, about a year ago and so. They picked up this place because it really looked nice and in a way..."

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  • Avalon Communities

    Avalon Communities

    1.8 (66 reviews)
    • Real Estate

    "We were never notified about secondary treatment on community roads, we received only one notification. She was pounding on the window and scared my domestic partner Petronella Kraus at lot 17I showed her the Doorbell which she cl..."

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  • Apartment Ratings

    Apartment Ratings

    1.2 (4 reviews)
    • Real Estate

    "There are 3 ratings, 2 of which were way after I left the company that have my name. I know that when I worked there if there was a name listed it could be removed. I am a Realtor and when you google my information the property co..."

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  • Adara Communities

    Adara Communities

    1.4 (26 reviews)
    • Real Estate

    "By far the worst apartment for the $$. A/C or hot water never work. Falling apart, literally, in places."

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