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Florida, Tampa
Pools, Spas and Plumbing Supplies
  • ThermoSpas Hot Tubs

    ThermoSpas Hot Tubs

    2.1 (52 reviews)
    • Pools, Spas and Plumbing Supplies
    • www.thermospas.com

    "I am going to withhold ny critiques for now, although I will say that the number of poor reviews are alarming! I see most are about delivery delays. The Thermospa is made in Canada & in case no one is aware, Canada remains in..."

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  • Sharper Image Pools

    Sharper Image Pools

    3.2 (2 reviews)
    • Pools, Spas and Plumbing Supplies
    • sharperimagepools.com

    "We had the motor go out on us, and the next day they were out and and on the job with the greatest customer service that i have experienced in a long time.The man that came out to do the work name was... Lathe tachutt (note sure..."

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  • Premier Pools And Spas

    Premier Pools And Spas

    1.5 (34 reviews)
    • Pools, Spas and Plumbing Supplies
    • www.premierpoolsandspas.com

    "Premier Pools and Spas is a DBA Shan Pools inc owned by shan johnson and mike ribnikar. i wrote a 20k check to premier pools and spas and they never did any work. The Judge ruled for them to pay the 20k+ additional cost in..."

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  • Polygroup


    1.4 (209 reviews)
    • Pools, Spas and Plumbing Supplies
    • www.polygroup.com

    "Will never ever buy another pool from you. Just bought a pool from you and it ripped along the seam. Can't believe the poor service."

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  • Jandy Pool Products

    Jandy Pool Products

    2.2 (16 reviews)
    • Pools, Spas and Plumbing Supplies
    • www.jandy.com

    "2 month old Jandy heater will not ignite. Propane guy came out and tested the gas pressure and everything checked good. Goes through cycles and will not ignite. I can smell gas so I know thats not the issue. No blockage in the..."

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  • Blue World Pools

    Blue World Pools

    1.6 (68 reviews)
    • Pools, Spas and Plumbing Supplies
    • blueworldpools.com

    "We started out with a salesman who told us 3 weeks after 4 to 5 weeks they still didn't even contact us again on the then after that we were told another 10 days and they get a hold of us after I called them and then they won't..."

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  • Skim-A-Round


    1.4 (88 reviews)
    • Pools, Spas and Plumbing Supplies
    • www.skim-a-round.com

    "Been waiting for a refund since 6/6/21. Never heard of a reputable company taking so long to issue credit after item has been received"

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  • Pfister


    2.4 (61 reviews)
    • Pools, Spas and Plumbing Supplies
    • www.pfisterfaucets.com

    "I ordered a kitchen faucet through Lowe's home improvement in Ames Iowa. After a month Lows contacted your company and was told it would be here on the 11th of November. On the 12th I contacted lows again and you informed them..."

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  • Master Spas

    Master Spas

    4.1 (148 reviews)
    • Pools, Spas and Plumbing Supplies
    • www.masterspas.com

    "Hi Wendy. We're very sorry to hear that you had a poor experience with your dealer. Unfortunately as they are an independent retail store and a separate company from Master Spas LLC there's not much we can do outside of..."

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  • Leslies Swimming Pool Supplies

    Leslies Swimming Pool Supplies

    1.8 (141 reviews)
    • Pools, Spas and Plumbing Supplies
    • www.lesliespool.com

    "Leslie's has engaged in consumer fraud. At the time that I placed this order no. WLP0192565, I was told by Leslie's Pools that the item was in stock. This item is not in stock. Leslie's Informed me today (June 15, 2021) that the..."

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