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Florida, Tampa
Medical Supplies and Equipment
  • Optical Outlet

    Optical Outlet

    1.6 (49 reviews)
    • Medical Supplies and Equipment
    • www.eyeglassesandexams.com

    "I was incorrectly quoted for my contact exam and when I mentioned it the manager when she tried to charge me 150% of that quote, she was rude and told me they dont give quotes but thats literally what I was given which is why I sc..."

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  • Life Alert

    Life Alert

    5.0 (236 reviews)
    • Medical Supplies and Equipment
    • www.lifealert.com

    "I live alone and having Life Alert is comforting and reassuring! I know when contacting Life Alert, assistance is minutes away. My balance is not always good – therefore I have fallen and when I do, I cannot get up without help...."

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  • Audibel


    2.4 (50 reviews)
    • Medical Supplies and Equipment

    "So I went to audibel in hopes of getting some relief my lifelong tinnitus issues. I had checked the website before booking my appointment and made sure they treated what I was looking for. I get there and am sat down to watch a 6..."

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  • LensCrafters


    1.7 (208 reviews)
    • Medical Supplies and Equipment
    • www.lenscrafters.com

    "I need to stop a claim I returned my glasses n want to use my benifits some where else trying to get this resolved so I can actually see"

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  • Eyeglass World

    Eyeglass World

    1.8 (34 reviews)
    • Medical Supplies and Equipment
    • eyeglassworld.com

    "After paying cash up front $658 for two pairs of glasses. I got my first pare of glass's two weeks later! I have to wait two more weeks they say for my second pare. So thirty days later when I was told to come pick up my second..."

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  • Visionworks


    1.9 (304 reviews)
    • Medical Supplies and Equipment
    • www.visionworks.com

    "They never answer the phone. I will never purchase from this store.
    Kept calling days and days , no response"

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  • The Hurrycane

    The Hurrycane

    2.8 (67 reviews)
    • Medical Supplies and Equipment
    • www.hurrycane.com

    "Got out of my car unfolded the Cane made sure things were firmly together walked about 5 feet and the cane separated causing me to fall in the parking lot. Breaking my glasses and a bruised face and knee."

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  • Lasik Vision Institute

    Lasik Vision Institute

    2.1 (57 reviews)
    • Medical Supplies and Equipment
    • www.lasikvisioninstitute.com

    "Had Lasik 2 years ago. Now they won't honor their lifetime plan."

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  • Hubble Contacts

    Hubble Contacts

    1.9 (138 reviews)
    • Medical Supplies and Equipment
    • www.hubblecontacts.com

    "I noticed today that there is a charge on hold for 39.99. I need to stop payment on this as I did not authorize it. I cannot afford this service and need the account cancelled and stop the payment. My phone is 308-218-**** and my..."

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  • Beltone


    2.0 (44 reviews)
    • Medical Supplies and Equipment
    • www.beltone.com

    "In less than 2 years, each receiver had to be replaced 4 times. My audiologist Len Maconeghy was an idiot. He never called me back until I called Beltone directly."

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