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Florida, Tampa
Job Search and Employment
  • Aerotek


    1.5 (182 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.aerotek.com

    "After taking a mobility test, I was told I passed. I was sent to an Urgent Care for blood test. With Covid I would have never spent 45 minutes in a waiting room with sick people if I was not being paid. They texted and called to..."

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  • Randstad Usa

    Randstad Usa

    1.7 (306 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.randstadusa.com

    "I message about a job if you guys do any work with Wells Fargo trust custody documentation in Minnesota Hennepin county area."

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  • Labor Ready

    Labor Ready

    1.9 (96 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.laborready.com

    "They setup me and my friend for a 3 day job and the same day they called us and told us the job was cancelled for 1 day and to go in the next day. We go the next day and the client told us the job was completely cancelled. We..."

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  • Indeed


    2.1 (139 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.indeed.com

    "I was contacted by a guy named kelvin who stated he was a recruiter with walmart. Kelvin stated he saw that I did a quick apply on indeed.com for the freight handler position at walmart distribution center. He sent me a link to..."

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  • AppleOne


    1.3 (47 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • appleone.com

    "Have got paid bad services ............................................................ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

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  • ZipRecruiter


    1.3 (145 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.ziprecruiter.com

    "Erroneous Cc charges totaling approximately 2000.00 for a free/ help wanted ad.
    Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

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  • The Living Talent

    The Living Talent

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • livingtalentus.com

    "Was hired as a contractor for LIVING TALENT and after 7 wks was left with over $5000 of unpaid invoices for work performed and submitted. Time included attending pointless video conferences w gasbag partner Gary Grosso.
    The time yo..."

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  • LiveCareer


    2.4 (180 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.livecareer.com

    "I signed up for an initial trial of $1.95. Now, $166.00 later, I have never received anything from them. It is a scam and there was no help at all for either a resume or a cover letter. Ridiculous. The customer service rep tried..."

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  • Lifecore Biomedical

    Lifecore Biomedical

    2.3 (3 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.lifecore.com

    "Now they're the Halali Company...same exact set up, same exaAmerican ct scam ....can I come in for an interview tomorrow blah blah blah."

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  • Jobdiagnosis


    1.7 (5 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.jobdiagnosis.com

    "Jobdiagnosis is a joke ! I never subscribed to it, but keep getting limp job listings from them. Have not been able to unsubscribe, or contact them . I want their so called services STOPPED."

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