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Florida, Southwest Orange
  • SeaWorld


    1.9 (142 reviews)
    • Theme Parks
    • www.seaworld.com

    "My husband was sick and unable to join our Sea World visit. I was very unimpressed when they told me that the only thing they could do is give me another ticket to use a different day."

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  • Diamond Resorts International

    Diamond Resorts International

    1.6 (186 reviews)
    • Hotels and Resorts
    • www.diamondresorts.com

    "As an owner to one of the property owned by Diamond Resorts, We have noticed the quality of managing the property has gone down while their maintenance fee has consistency gone up. It seems nobody from their customer service care..."

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  • Walt Disney World

    Walt Disney World

    2.0 (233 reviews)
    • Theme Parks
    • disneyworld.disney.go.com

    "Paid for tickets on line but didnt receive them
    I dont want to loose my money
    I came here to enjoy my vacation"

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  • Havertys Furniture

    Havertys Furniture

    1.9 (132 reviews)
    • Furniture and Decor
    • www.havertys.com

    "We purchased an entire set of living room furniture and the couch seating has lost its support. Customer Service has been giving me the run-a-round and has told me at least 3 different versions of what they would do to help. Now..."

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  • Mccullough And Mitchell

    Mccullough And Mitchell

    1.7 (11 reviews)
    • Lawyers and Legal Services
    • www.mmlawpa.com

    "I don't know what I should add first and what is worse, the fact that he is making up some conspiracy theories of how he has a lot of information, and he has a lot of connections? First thing, when you meet this lawyer is that..."

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  • Pizza Hut

    Pizza Hut

    2.0 (3,631 reviews)
    • Fast Food
    • www.pizzahut.com

    "Ellos dijeron que se equivocaron de pedido y me daban crédito el cual utilice pero me debitaron aún así. Casi 19 dólares tenía 25 de crédito por su error y no se que paso"

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  • Westgate Resorts

    Westgate Resorts

    1.9 (243 reviews)
    • Hotels and Resorts
    • www.westgateresorts.com

    "My son lost his job right after we decided to buy from Westgate. We received no info, such as phone numbers in case you change your mind, or even an account number. When I finally figured out how to get hold of someone about it,..."

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  • TGI Fridays

    TGI Fridays

    2.2 (408 reviews)
    • Cafes, Restaurants and Bars
    • www.tgifridays.com

    "Phone still busy from 9AM like really i will appreciate a call back or something with this online order i didnt get"

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  • Simonmed Imaging

    Simonmed Imaging

    1.6 (180 reviews)
    • Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Centers
    • simonmed.com

    "Shortly after arriving, an elderly person slumped over and stopped breathing in the waiting room. The desk called an ambulance, BUT then they asked if anyone in the waiting room knew CPR ?? Surely, someone in the facility should b..."

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  • Planet Fitness

    Planet Fitness

    2.3 (2,415 reviews)
    • Fitness Centers
    • www.planetfitness.com

    "Hi I try contacting planet fitness by phone call and emails and no one seems to want to take care of this issue, I cancelled my membership and I was still charged for the next month statement, its sad that Ive paid this..."

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