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Florida, Orlando
Medical Supplies and Equipment
  • Americas Best Contacts Eyeglasses

    Americas Best Contacts Eyeglasses

    1.8 (141 reviews)
    • Medical Supplies and Equipment
    • www.americasbest.com

    "Entered the store University Parkway 34201. All signage states $ 69 two pair and free exam , 2 pair bifocals $ 111 exam free . I did the exam and was told to pick out frames . I picked the $111 group. I went to the register and..."

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  • Optical Outlet

    Optical Outlet

    1.6 (49 reviews)
    • Medical Supplies and Equipment
    • www.eyeglassesandexams.com

    "I was incorrectly quoted for my contact exam and when I mentioned it the manager when she tried to charge me 150% of that quote, she was rude and told me they dont give quotes but thats literally what I was given which is why I sc..."

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  • LensCrafters


    1.7 (208 reviews)
    • Medical Supplies and Equipment
    • www.lenscrafters.com

    "I need to stop a claim I returned my glasses n want to use my benifits some where else trying to get this resolved so I can actually see"

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  • Eyeglass World

    Eyeglass World

    1.8 (34 reviews)
    • Medical Supplies and Equipment
    • eyeglassworld.com

    "After paying cash up front $658 for two pairs of glasses. I got my first pare of glass's two weeks later! I have to wait two more weeks they say for my second pare. So thirty days later when I was told to come pick up my second..."

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  • Eyebuydirect


    2.6 (80 reviews)
    • Medical Supplies and Equipment
    • www.eyebuydirect.com

    "I did call them about a week ago, and they said they began the process of exchanging them, but nothing has arrived yet."

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  • GlassesUSA


    1.5 (269 reviews)
    • Medical Supplies and Equipment
    • www.glassesusa.com

    "I like the quality of my Michael Kors glasses. But, I paid for transition in them and did not get it. Since this started in April I feel the company should send me a free pair with transition so I can use them in summer. Since I..."

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  • Eyewear Town

    Eyewear Town

    1.0 (4 reviews)
    • Medical Supplies and Equipment
    • eyeweartown.com

    "Been dealing with them by email and they can not get my order right and now they will not do it period. They also go under wwe.opticsfast.com And all there reviews and lies. Called company and lady there did not understand..."

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  • Drive Medical

    Drive Medical

    1.9 (41 reviews)
    • Medical Supplies and Equipment

    "I have a Drive walker with 71/2 wheels. It needs a brake handle and a wire , in other words, an entire brake system on the right side. The problem is there is no id tag on it at all, It looks just like a model 10257 except it as..."

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  • Visionworks


    1.9 (305 reviews)
    • Medical Supplies and Equipment
    • www.visionworks.com

    "The store that has my glasses have a note on the door closed until further notice and I'm leaving Saturday morning to go on a 3 month job assignment and I need my glasses"

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  • Target Optical

    Target Optical

    1.8 (104 reviews)
    • Medical Supplies and Equipment
    • www.targetoptical.com

    "The Target in the Belmar mall in Lakewood thinking I would get a better deal but no. As they say you get what you pay for.
    The prescription was wrong and and tried to make them work for a week or two but it was just wrong tried to..."

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