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Florida, Jacksonville
Cosmetics and Personal Care
  • Guthy Renker

    Guthy Renker

    1.4 (121 reviews)
    • Cosmetics and Personal Care
    • www.guthy-renker.com

    "I am being charge for Perricone skin care products that I did not approve of. And now I am being charged fir another order"

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  • Proactiv


    1.8 (55 reviews)
    • Cosmetics and Personal Care
    • www.proactiv.com

    "I contacted customer service to ask a simple question: has the Refining Mask been replaced by the Clarifying Mask? While this would appear to be a very simple question, CLARK sent me off on a head spinning journey. He could..."

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  • BoxyCharm


    2.2 (1959 reviews)
    • Cosmetics and Personal Care
    • www.boxycharm.com

    "They need to have a customer service. It feels like they are trying to avoid contact with their customers."

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  • BellaLabs


    1.3 (187 reviews)
    • Cosmetics and Personal Care
    • www.bellalabs.com

    "My name is Denise alonge I got an order that I didn't authorize for 183 dollars that was charge to my acct spoke to ur third party sent back product n they will only refund me 4.95 I can be teach at 508322**** or dalonge67 I look..."

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  • Bath And Body Works

    Bath And Body Works

    2.7 (281 reviews)
    • Cosmetics and Personal Care
    • www.bathandbodyworks.com

    "I made a purchase back in May 20 2021 and I havent received my package and o dont have any track number. My purchase was for $55.13."

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  • Wen


    2.1 (365 reviews)
    • Cosmetics and Personal Care
    • www.wen.com

    "Gave me the worst acne of my life. I felt and looked like a monster. I liked it as a hair product but not worth it at all"

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  • Ulta


    1.8 (486 reviews)
    • Cosmetics and Personal Care
    • www.ulta.com

    "My package has been in Chandler Az for 2 days June 14th. Today is the 17th and still no package.
    Received a phone call from on Trac delivery service asking for the business name where the package was to be delivered.
    When speaking t..."

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  • Suave


    2.1 (184 reviews)
    • Cosmetics and Personal Care
    • www.suave.com

    "Product is okay but their pump hair spray bottles are too slick to hold and crush inward causing it to get a vacuum that won't let it pump unless you open the cap to vent it."

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  • No No Hair Removal

    No No Hair Removal

    1.6 (173 reviews)
    • Cosmetics and Personal Care
    • nonopro.com

    "I accidentally put in the wrong address for shipping"

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  • Meaningful Beauty

    Meaningful Beauty

    1.8 (436 reviews)
    • Cosmetics and Personal Care
    • www.meaningfulbeauty.com

    "Charged me after sending me stuff on a subscription. I never formally signed up for a subscription it was automatically done when I bought a package from them at a discount - not realizing it would be charged for another stash at..."

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