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Florida, Jacksonville
  • RushCard


    1.6 (2204 reviews)
    • Cards
    • www.rushcard.com

    "I was checking my statement in April 2021 and noticed a charge of 39.95 contacted Rush card whom informed me its been 12 months. The next day the credited my account for all 1Check2 months. Today they reversed all credits leaving..."

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  • Netspend


    1.5 (1270 reviews)
    • Cards
    • www.netspend.com

    "Someone is using my address. This is the 3rd tome. Three different names all my address What the F is going on. You are of no help"

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  • Vanilla Mastercard

    Vanilla Mastercard

    1.3 (79 reviews)
    • Cards
    • www.vanillamastercard.com

    "Keeps saying card is not valid and then hangs up but they sure used up $120
    More than I have used in the last 3 weeks"

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  • Vanilla Gift

    Vanilla Gift

    1.4 (260 reviews)
    • Cards
    • www.vanillagift.com

    "I placed an order on 5-15-2021 at 5:51 pm I used Pay Pal to pay for my item and it acted real weird. My order for $.5.51 went through but right after that my card got hit 9 times. I use a VPN. What the *** now I see that this fric..."

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  • MyVanilla


    1.6 (323 reviews)
    • Cards
    • www.myvanillacard.com

    "Imposible to rectify by phone or online.
    Company is not accountable for cards being hacked and funds being spent remotely."

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  • Global Cash Card

    Global Cash Card

    1.7 (973 reviews)
    • Cards
    • www.globalcashcard.com

    "I need to speak with a representative to access my account online and I can't because it keeps telling me the same thing via automated message"

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  • CareCredit


    1.9 (144 reviews)
    • Cards
    • www.carecredit.com

    "I opened the account with a ~$3k purchase because they promised a $100 credit, but I never received the credit even after several inquiries."

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  • Vanilla Visa

    Vanilla Visa

    1.5 (128 reviews)
    • Cards
    • www.vanillavisa.com

    "Tiger Commissary services. I have used card with no issues on web deposit but to order commisary I'm not being let to purchase. Same card on both but only one will go thru."

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  • Tribute


    1.0 (3 reviews)
    • Cards
    • www.mytributecard.com

    "I have tried to contact this company many times they have the worst web site and customer service I am calling the better business bureau to report them."

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  • Skylight One

    Skylight One

    2.0 (504 reviews)
    • Cards
    • www.skylightpaycard.com

    "This is one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with. Horrible customer service, they dont know their head from their behind. Transfer you to random places, or hang up on you. Its an absolute joke!!!! Dont bother because you..."

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