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Florida, Fort Walton Beach
  • American Laser Skincare

    American Laser Skincare

    1.7 (117 reviews)
    • Beauty Salons and Spas
    • www.americanlaser.com

    "Bought it and didn't use it and they said I could use it at anytime! Bought it on April 6, 2012 in Grand Blanc Michigan. Payed $3,100.00 for it not very happy! Please keep me informed! Went last week to use it and closed a new..."

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  • Alluracell


    1.3 (36 reviews)
    • Cosmetics and Personal Care

    "On 6/24/2019 I was charged $93.40 by your company. I DID NOT ORDER anything from you and I never heard of you before that charge was taken from my checking account. I have NO NEED for any of your services and I want the $93.40..."

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  • Alegria Shoe Shop

    Alegria Shoe Shop

    1.0 (2 reviews)
    • Footwear and Clothing
    • www.alegriashoeshop.com

    "I returned a pair of shoes in dec.or Jan. I ask to receive a credit for the shoes. I can’t find any information on my credit. My customer number : 364790 Part#: QIN-5008-39 Price: 49.00
    Please look this up because I can’t afford to..."

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  • Airydress


    1.8 (1,258 reviews)
    • Footwear and Clothing
    • www.airydress.com

    "I have paid for parcel ref 6HLWW8 BUFZA310043****YQ 2 weeks ago and not received anything? Getting seriously worried. At the same time I had 2000 points at airy dress that just dissapeared overnight!"

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  • Ae Factory Service

    Ae Factory Service

    1.3 (180 reviews)
    • Household Services
    • www.aefactoryservice.com

    "Part of Sears Home Repair, or "sister" company I was told. When you call Sears you get this company. They schedule appointments. This company has a business practice that is misleading - no matter who you talk to they cannot tell..."

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  • Acai Berry

    Acai Berry

    • Health and Beauty
    • www.acaiberryjuice.org

    "i ordered the trial product for 3.99 gave them credit card they took 43.00 off my card right away tried to cancel but could not the day after i got the pills they took 199.00 or tried to out of my account i sent the pills back..."

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