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Florida, Fort Lauderdale
  • Sixt


    1.6 (235 reviews)
    • Rentals
    • www.sixt.com

    "I finally got my reservation canceled. I paid $542.00 for a free cancelation up to day of pick and got a refund of $244.00. What a SCAM. Have not heard a reply on why ."

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  • Fox Rent A Car

    Fox Rent A Car

    1.7 (156 reviews)
    • Rentals
    • www.foxrentacar.com

    "Lying to costumer and over charging
    I rent a car paid for it and when I got to the renta car place she said the she got no more cars size the I wanted she said that to and other couple to and then she rent us next size up and charg..."

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  • Avis


    1.6 (246 reviews)
    • Rentals
    • www.avis.com

    "Rental Agreement: U61904****
    Ama harbiden darlanıyorum siz napıyorsunuz gene karttan para çekmişisiniz kardeşim kartı verdik canınız sıkılınca çekiyorsunuz nerde depozito nerde çekilen onca para. Arabayı kullanan ların parasını da..."

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  • Enterprise Rent A Car

    Enterprise Rent A Car

    1.8 (919 reviews)
    • Rentals
    • www.enterprise.com

    "I rented a suv in Memphis tn and there was a chip in the windshield that wasnt noted on the initial inspection now Im trying to be charged for it. I spoke to claims and the lady told me it would be taken care of. I got a call from..."

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  • Advantage Rent A Car

    Advantage Rent A Car

    1.6 (263 reviews)
    • Rentals
    • www.advantage.com

    "I had a reservation for a 24 hr period in Orlando. I showed up at the Orland Int'l Airport as instructed to pick up my rental car. EXCEPT, the company was NOT located there. After 20 min of confusion, I found the company was..."

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  • Ace Rent A Car

    Ace Rent A Car

    1.3 (114 reviews)
    • Rentals
    • www.acerentacar.com

    "I have emailed and called and have gotten absolutely NO help. I rented a car in Denver on 4/3 and asked if they had car seats to loan out. Man told me yes, went and grabbed them and never said a word about having to pay for them...."

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  • Hertz


    1.5 (429 reviews)
    • Rentals
    • www.hertz.com

    "The customer service is worst in Alexandria LA , I have been renting cars since three months every time i have asked for a car to be exchanged i have been given a dirty car and i have been charged more and the staff are very rude..."

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  • Ez Rent A Car

    Ez Rent A Car

    1.4 (35 reviews)
    • Rentals
    • www.e-zrentacar.com

    "I was charge an extra $63.90?
    Not sure why? They gave me a car that had a slow leak., also the car needed an oil change."

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  • Rent A Wheel

    Rent A Wheel

    1.6 (186 reviews)
    • Rentals
    • www.rentawheel.com

    "Went back and tried to reach an agreement. When we were about to reach an agreement I asked to see my wheels. They were not the ones I had agreed to purchase. They were a different type of product. I told the manager that those..."

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  • Rent A Center

    Rent A Center

    1.7 (550 reviews)
    • Rentals
    • www.rentacenter.com

    "Unable to get in touch with the corporate office. Waiting since the beginning of Covid to have my couch replaced. Now told since I have paid it off it will not get replaced."

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