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Dubayy, Dubai
Passports and Visas
  • Dfa Passport Appointment System

    Dfa Passport Appointment System

    2.6 (1150 reviews)
    • Passports and Visas
    • www.passport.gov.ph

    "Good Morning. I am writing in behalf of my daughter Alice Nicola Ionescu in relation with her Online passport application. Application No 200********. We have some issues. I got an email saying that the online passport application..."

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  • Royal Migration

    Royal Migration

    1.7 (48 reviews)
    • Passports and Visas
    • www.royalmigration.com

    "I seriously don't understand how come such company survive instead of having such strict law in UAE. So many innocent people who's hard earned money they have taken and not doing service. Additional to that the way they behave..."

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  • Permits And Visas

    Permits And Visas

    3.0 (61 reviews)
    • Passports and Visas
    • www.permitsandvisas.com

    "I am following up with their Dubai office, to know my status of application since March 2020, after several emails follow up I received one email mentioned that by mid of September they will start the process of my application,..."

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  • Pathway Visas

    Pathway Visas

    2.4 (12 reviews)
    • Passports and Visas
    • pathwayvisas.com

    "they are fraudsters... they call you every hour with every possible colorful outcomes of subscribing with them and verbally gaurantee you a PR to canada.... in my opinion go anywhere but not pathways

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