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District Of Columbia, Washington
Job Search and Employment
  • Aerotek


    1.5 (182 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.aerotek.com

    "After taking a mobility test, I was told I passed. I was sent to an Urgent Care for blood test. With Covid I would have never spent 45 minutes in a waiting room with sick people if I was not being paid. They texted and called to..."

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  • Labor Ready

    Labor Ready

    1.9 (96 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.laborready.com

    "They setup me and my friend for a 3 day job and the same day they called us and told us the job was cancelled for 1 day and to go in the next day. We go the next day and the client told us the job was completely cancelled. We..."

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  • LiveCareer


    2.4 (180 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.livecareer.com

    "I signed up for an initial trial of $1.95. Now, $166.00 later, I have never received anything from them. It is a scam and there was no help at all for either a resume or a cover letter. Ridiculous. The customer service rep tried..."

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  • Job Corps

    Job Corps

    2.0 (62 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.jobcorps.gov

    "The head of wind river campus in charge of security. Wants all the workers to give him the info of this vechile. But he himself is driving on campus with his Cecile expired. So what makes him think he can get away from the rules..."

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  • Express Employment Professionals

    Express Employment Professionals

    1.6 (118 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.expresspros.com

    "They were wonderful to me. I made a mistake on my resume and they caught it and them noticing the mistake steered me into the career area I wanted that best suited me. Very professional."

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  • Employment Resource Group

    Employment Resource Group

    • Job Search and Employment


    Letter to the Office of the Attorney General continued…

    Further, I would like to add that later on in the day I witnessed her selling the service to another customer. The customer was of Hispanic/ Mexican origin and appeared to hav..."

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  • Chandler Hill Partners

    Chandler Hill Partners

    1.0 (5 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.chandlerhill.com

    "They got thousands of dollars from my husband! He had been unemployed and desperate. With a 99% guarantee of a high-end job, it was alot of wasted time AND money! Glad they are no longer in business!!!AngryAngryAngry"

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  • Cartus


    1.4 (54 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.cartus.com

    "I was assigned to Cartus as my company's relocation company. Have gone through three reps in 5 months. Horrible customer service by relocation consultants, takes multiple follow up to get a response. Consultant confessed to..."

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  • Staffing Now

    Staffing Now

    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.staffingnow.com

    "I think it is so frustrating when you see a good job position, and you call the agency trying to talk to someone about it, but nobody is there to pick up. I email, and leave vm but they dont return calls in timely matter. A whole..."

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  • Spherion Staffing

    Spherion Staffing

    1.3 (15 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.spherion.com

    "I called tried to get in my acct to change my address and to no avail could i get in and i need my w2 forms"

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