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California, Vallejo
  • Solano Co

    Solano Co

    • Governmental Organizations and Politics

    "March 24, 2013

    Title : Case Against Superior Court Judge R.M. Harris,
    Solano County ( Brief summary No. 20 ).
    Author : Lino Dial

    The Crimes of Forgery and Falsificat..."

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  • Six Flags

    Six Flags

    1.9 (198 reviews)
    • Theme Parks
    • www.sixflags.com

    "Do you guys have a number that I can talk to a real person and get my pass canceled theyre already taking three months of money and I cant talk to a person this is ridiculous"

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  • Carhop


    1.4 (203 reviews)
    • Dealers
    • www.carhop.com

    "I am a current customer that is just about done paying the loan off. I have received many emails saying I was a VIP and eligible to trade or buy a new car from them. Very low down payment the first time around, perfect payment..."

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  • Western Dental

    Western Dental

    1.5 (250 reviews)
    • Dentistry
    • www.westerndental.com

    "the person that handles billing told me that they could not do my work on credit and i must pay before the could continue with the process after i was being examined. she told me that they did not do dental work on credit, she is..."

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    1.8 (11,936 reviews)
    • Food Delivery
    • www.doordash.com

    "Missing items no soft taco in the box meal we specifically asked for a soft taco in one and did not get the soft taco at all"

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  • Wells Fargo

    Wells Fargo

    1.5 (527 reviews)
    • Banks
    • www.wellsfargo.com

    "She was laughing because of my vocabulary which is not funny. She dont answer my questions directly."

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  • Walgreens


    2.1 (1,047 reviews)
    • Pharmacy
    • www.walgreens.com

    "I went to fill 3 valid prescriptrions from my Dr. and when I walked in the Pharmacist and Christine I believe and female pharmacy techs, looked at me, and lied about why they could not fill my prescriptions. I had my Doctor call,..."

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  • Ubereats


    1.5 (14,367 reviews)
    • Food Delivery
    • www.ubereats.com

    "When I tried to enter my tips to 4 dollars in Uber Eats app, there are technical issues happened after I submitted. However, the Uber Eats charges me 34 dollars for tips, which is totally wrong, and it's a large amount. I want..."

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  • Taco Bell

    Taco Bell

    2.0 (2,758 reviews)
    • Fast Food
    • www.tacobell.com

    "Quite possibly the worst service and a new location at that walk in with a very simple order three Tostados and six burritos. At that point I was told this location doesnt do tostadas (ok) make it three crunchy tacos and six..."

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  • Shein


    2.4 (5,579 reviews)
    • Footwear and Clothing
    • www.shein.com

    "My order isnt moving on the website! I dont kn when its coming! It wont let me see My order I need help but you guys dont have over the phone customer service I will really like an update on my order and really would like to know..."

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