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California, San Diego
  • Craigslist


    1.9 (853 reviews)
    • Advertising
    • www.craigslist.org

    "My photos of a car I have posted, or lack of posted or not appearing I paid for the service, and Im getting nowhere!!"

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  • WCA


    • Advertising
    • wcaworld.com

    "I filled out a survey online ,within less than 10 minutes i get a call from WCA saying i won a 100.00 gift card. to get it i needed to pay a fee. i said i would not. was told "sorry" no fee n o gift. I again said won't pay..."

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  • Advertisements
  • Welcome Wagon

    Welcome Wagon

    1.8 (29 reviews)
    • Advertising
    • www.welcomewagon.com

    "I asked to discontinue my service they said it was set to end this month so problem solved"

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  • Private Compounder

    Private Compounder

    • Advertising
    • privatecompounder.com

    "www.enom.com is Registrar of PrivateCompounder.com. The problem is with PrivateCompounder.com. They are apparently not granting withdraws from their customer accounts when requested. When contacted with this, no response is receiv..."

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  • PMI


    • Advertising
    • www.pmi.org

    "We, too, became involved with PMI to have a business at home and online. As we progressed thru the program designed by Anthony Morrison we were handed off to new companies such as, Tax Club, Business Credit group, Advertising Grou..."

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  • Orbital Promotions

    Orbital Promotions

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Advertising

    "I feel like a fool, I too was cheated by these scammers. What a disappointing experience in my life. As instructed I would choose first, second and third vacation locations and dates, and send the required amount of money only..."

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  • MyOrderList


    • Advertising

    "This is Brent Caylor. i did not get the america's beautiful national parks for $2 Bill and Quarter collection and im waiting to get that since i have get last time Block Island. i am wanting to keep collection for 2019 and 2020 an..."

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  • "A *** on the freeway with a "Moms Making Six Figures.com" sign on his car decided to put others' lives in danger with reckless road rage! Cut me off, blared horn, and almost hit my car! I watched as he then did the same..."

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  • Internet Local Listings

    Internet Local Listings

    1.3 (20 reviews)
    • Advertising
    • internetlocallistings.com

    "I signed on with Internet Local Listing in February of 2016 and here I am 6 month later and still do not have the services that they promised I would have within 45 days. They keep deducting funds from my credit card but do not..."

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  • Gotflyers


    • Advertising

    "This guy really is a piece of work. He has more enemies in the Miami business community than I can count on one hand. I would move onto another reliable trust worthy real print shop before ever giving this guy my business. As ment..."

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