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California, Sacramento
  • Capital One

    Capital One

    1.6 (656 reviews)
    • Banks
    • www.capitalone.com

    "I was having trouble accessing my account then at 8pm all of the sudden I was able to access it! And guess what? I was now 10 mins late past and they are charging me 35$!!! Now after being on hold for almost 20 mins I began to..."

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  • GoBank


    1.5 (1,592 reviews)
    • Banks
    • gobank.com

    "By far the absolutely worst decision I have ever made even doing drugs in my younger days was a better decision than getting this bank. I have lost my storage building or lost my place to live I've lost just about anything else..."

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  • Chase Bank

    Chase Bank

    1.5 (697 reviews)
    • Banks
    • www.chase.com

    "They closed my 25+ year account without explaining nor any reasonable cause. I never in all that time a had a negative balance, not a returned check not even bad credit.Stay"

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  • Wells Fargo

    Wells Fargo

    1.5 (517 reviews)
    • Banks
    • www.wellsfargo.com

    "I did not complain about your customer service. Everyone I have ever spoken to are very friendly and eager to assist. Great customer service always"

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  • Bank Of America

    Bank Of America

    1.5 (591 reviews)
    • Banks
    • www.bankofamerica.com

    "You guys issued me a check. It was stolen and cashed. I called earlier to get a put stop payment. On it and you said i had to wait. My name is richard bitzer account # 374005****78 the check was 4510.00$ i can be reached at 513..."

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  • Metabank


    1.4 (499 reviews)
    • Banks
    • www.metabank.com

    "I received a VISA debit gift card last year, The expiration date is March 2026. I have tried several times to register the car to use online, no success. I have called the number, No response."

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  • Indymac Bank

    Indymac Bank

    1.1 (4 reviews)
    • Banks
    • www.indymacbank.com

    "Indy Mac bank stole money from my escrow account for home owners insurance which I had the same company and they paid out of my escrow for New Home owners insurance in the sum of 2,500.00 when they just paid my home owners insuran..."

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  • Synchrony Bank

    Synchrony Bank

    1.4 (603 reviews)
    • Banks
    • www.synchronybank.com

    "I received two "Late Payment" emails from Synchrony Bank on two separate occasions. Each time I contacted them I was advised that "You signed up for paperless billing". I have never signed up for paperless billing. When I..."

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  • Merrick Bank

    Merrick Bank

    1.6 (166 reviews)
    • Banks
    • merrickbank.com

    "Had $1000 credit limit. Out of nowhere they closed the account for a $40 late fee. *** that credit card. Lousy Lousy Lousy business."

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  • Chime Bank

    Chime Bank

    2.2 (489 reviews)
    • Banks
    • www.chimebank.com

    "I want to use my card but cant find it need another one"

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