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California, Riverside
  • American Freight Furniture

    American Freight Furniture

    1.8 (499 reviews)
    • Furniture and Decor
    • www.americanfreight.com

    "My chair is damaged after five months. I have been calling customer service back to back and haven't been able to talk to any of them. I'm actually sending my complaint because I do need a refund for my chair. Furthermore, I also..."

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  • American Eagle Outfitters

    American Eagle Outfitters

    2.5 (93 reviews)
    • Footwear and Clothing
    • www.ae.com

    "We buy most of our clothes from American Eagle and have for a very long time and we have not ever had pair of jeans rip down the seat of the seam these jeans are only 3 months old and are worn lightly we have jeans from American..."

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  • American Broadcasting Company

    American Broadcasting Company

    1.7 (111 reviews)
    • Media
    • abc.go.com

    "You have cancelled the only show on abc worth watching, the best show they have. Way to go, grow up and get together with Dish and fix this mess."

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  • Amazon Prime Video

    Amazon Prime Video

    2.4 (564 reviews)
    • Media
    • www.primevideo.com

    "Thank you for taking care of this situation. Was no complaint involved just calling attention to mistake"

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  • Altisource Solutions

    Altisource Solutions

    1.8 (24 reviews)
    • Real Estate
    • www.altisource.com

    "Because altisource complain broke into a property I live in an change our locks damaged the place an or belonging an took our belongings out the property is located 2452 w Lexington Chicago Illinois 60612 I call you all an you all"

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  • Alluracell


    1.3 (36 reviews)
    • Cosmetics and Personal Care

    "On 6/24/2019 I was charged $93.40 by your company. I DID NOT ORDER anything from you and I never heard of you before that charge was taken from my checking account. I have NO NEED for any of your services and I want the $93.40..."

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  • Allstate Motor Club

    Allstate Motor Club

    1.5 (142 reviews)
    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • www.allstatemotorclub.com

    "I have been waiting for over 3 hours for a tow. The first time I called to see why they had found out about who was towing me I was told they had found 6 different providers but the no ones they had already contacted didn't have..."

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  • Allied Interstate

    Allied Interstate

    1.4 (21 reviews)
    • Collection Agencies
    • www.allied-interstate.com

    "I moved from Georgia to Florida due to my dad passing in 2013, and I called Dish to see if I could bundle their services were I was moving and they could not. They wanted $117 for me to cancel and get service with someone else,..."

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  • Alliance Diesel

    Alliance Diesel

    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • www.alliancediesel.com


    As an owner operator the night and days can run into each other. Rig started acting funny on the 215, called dispatch and they gave me a few names, called but no answer. Called Alliance, drove the t..."

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  • Allegiant Air

    Allegiant Air

    1.7 (1,044 reviews)
    • Airlines and Air Transport
    • www.allegiantair.com

    "ALLEGIANT informing me that $500+ voucher was hacked(USED) seems suspect No further infoVer
    Very disappointed with ALLEGIANTS lack of customer support!?!"

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