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California, Los Angeles
Food Stores
  • Vons


    2.3 (194 reviews)
    • Food Stores
    • www.vons.com

    "You sell 8 pieces of cold, cooked chicken for $5.99. Apparently, it's the leftovers from the previous day's hot, deli chicken, that has been sitting under heat lamps all day. It is SO dried-out, and shrunken, only the breasts are..."

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  • Stater Bros Markets

    Stater Bros Markets

    2.7 (57 reviews)
    • Food Stores
    • www.staterbros.com

    "Same problem here in Covina!!! Expiration is June 12th. Its now June 8th and our 3/4 gallon is BAD. Happens too often to us!! Sorry kids no cereal AGAIN!!!
    Anyone know who to contact besides a manager?"

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  • Ralphs


    2.2 (78 reviews)
    • Food Stores
    • www.ralphs.com

    "I found out that Ralph's does discriminate people by looks. Workers are prejudice and are extremely rude towards people."

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  • Albertsons


    2.3 (131 reviews)
    • Food Stores
    • www.albertsons.com

    "Do not patronize Alberton's on Spring St. in Spring Valley, CA in San Diego County! Both employees and security offered a mask to which I replied I did not need one. As I am scanning my items in the self-checkout a man who is..."

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  • Sprouts Farmers Market

    Sprouts Farmers Market

    2.3 (255 reviews)
    • Food Stores
    • www.sprouts.com

    we do not have an AP email or direct contact for ALL billing/ duplicate payments or short payments issues.
    Please let me know who is the rep for HumanN and their contact details.
    We have to many unpaid /past due bills.
    Thank yo..."

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  • Food 4 Less

    Food 4 Less

    2.1 (62 reviews)
    • Food Stores
    • www.food4less.com

    "I was checking out and said hello to cashier her name badge said her name is Grace F. she didn't answer me noticed a man standing behind her asking her about her finger nails hello I am customer standing there i am buying 3 cans..."

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  • Aldi Grocery

    Aldi Grocery

    3.0 (508 reviews)
    • Food Stores
    • www.aldi.us

    "I live at 11825 Davis Court, Lakewood 44107. Name Sylvia Marshall, age 82 and I live on this small street opposite a woman who is a hoarder well known to the City who dumpster dives at the Store on W117 and brings food and..."

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  • Whole Foods Market

    Whole Foods Market

    2.2 (139 reviews)
    • Food Stores
    • www.wholefoodsmarket.com

    "Purchased shrimp at seafood counter in Santa Clara. Weight and price was registered correctly on price tag, but when the price tag was scanned at the register, weight and price were both changed, resulting in higher item price,..."

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  • Kroger


    2.5 (574 reviews)
    • Food Stores
    • www.kroger.com

    "I'm prefer talk please 713870**** and I call for two times the 1800 numbers and one of your employers hang me up and the store manager no help me"

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  • Trader Joes

    Trader Joes

    2.4 (56 reviews)
    • Food Stores
    • www.traderjoes.com

    "Awful experience and one I didn't want repeated.....Love telling everyone that there are MANY other stores that have welcomed my business and never needed to go to TJ's again! Success!
    Just need to become a wise shopper!!"

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