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California, Los Angeles
Cash Services
  • Ace Cash Express

    Ace Cash Express

    2.3 (51 reviews)
    • Cash Services
    • www.acecashexpress.com

    "Paid off my loan at the Warren, OH store . Teller said I was short $20 . Said I gave her $420 , but I gave her $440 . Gave her another $20 , paid it off and left. Outside in my truck , I recounted my money , and I was $20 short !..."

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  • Xoom


    1.7 (75 reviews)
    • Cash Services
    • www.xoom.com

    "3 days back I transferred amount 500$ but it did not reached yet and the transaction is showing delayed plz help me with this as Im travelled and you can contact me on +91 8585****71(Indian number of mine).."

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  • World Remit

    World Remit

    2.3 (317 reviews)
    • Cash Services
    • www.worldremit.com

    "My transaction was locked. Im sending money from Australia to Philiipines. Its been 4 days now at there was no action taken to activate my transaction. I want this resolved immediately."

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  • Ria Money Transfer

    Ria Money Transfer

    1.8 (126 reviews)
    • Cash Services
    • www.riamoneytransfer.com

    "I need a full refund of my transfer and why do I need 167 for correction that I didn't do anything wrong."

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  • Payoneer


    2.8 (244 reviews)
    • Cash Services
    • www.payoneer.com

    "Hello, I have been trying to create an account, and it always says the same message that the code I get is invalid."

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  • Oneclickcash


    1.0 (2 reviews)
    • Cash Services
    • www.oneclickcash.com

    "i have buy one vanilla card for $500.00 at wal mart at 3:08 p m on july 31, 2021 its just pended dont know why"

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  • Coinstar


    1.4 (121 reviews)
    • Cash Services
    • www.coinstar.com

    "DoGot a GC for Amazon, first of all it took the 11/12% fee out of my coins for the GC , then the voucher code does not work.
    Tried to call customer service at CoinStar and they said they were close even though it was well within th..."

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  • TransferWise


    2.5 (60 reviews)
    • Cash Services
    • transferwise.com

    "I sent money on Sunday 100 dollars but I don't know what happen where is my money???????
    Went I sent it transferwise including the charge I sent to Morgan!!!!!but until now no confirmation has come to me.please just return my money..."

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  • Revolut


    2.0 (303 reviews)
    • Cash Services
    • www.revolut.com

    "My card is restricted and I dont now what to do because I really need to use it for food and travel to work."

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  • Remitly


    2.1 (140 reviews)
    • Cash Services
    • www.remitly.com

    "$52.00 was deducted from my bank account and the transaction was cancelled , now i need the money back .."

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