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British Columbia, Vancouver
  • Shaw Cable

    Shaw Cable

    1.4 (499 reviews)
    • Telecommunications

    "Dead...we were told that our current PVR and modem would stop working and that we must update to BlueCurve, Since then we found out
    1-the equipment would have still worked (others we know still use them)
    2-BlueCurve has no local s..."

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  • Telus Communications

    Telus Communications

    1.5 (164 reviews)
    • Telecommunications

    "My TV and Internet went out suddenly. It took 24 hours of me calling, being put on hold endlessly, being disconnected, never being put through to a manager as I requested over and over and over and over and over again, to finally..."

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  • Primus Canada

    Primus Canada

    1.6 (248 reviews)
    • Telecommunications

    "It has the worst customer service I have seen in any tel company
    They don't reply phone calls, they don't solve the problem when they answer the call.
    In two occasions we waited for one hour and a half on the phone to get their help..."

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  • Netflix


    2.3 (856 reviews)
    • Telecommunications

    "Have been watching Intersection the whole series ..The 3rd series which is the last had only 5 episodes which had no end ...Is it the way its ends or some more are coming.. fantastic show with the some disappointment.. Please let..."

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  • Rogers Communications

    Rogers Communications

    1.5 (269 reviews)
    • Telecommunications

    "Rogers has charged my seriously ill 83 year old Mother for 82 adult movies that she did not order. The problem began when someone called them to get access to her account and add a new PIN and asked to have Parental Control..."

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  • Magicjack


    1.9 (228 reviews)
    • Telecommunications

    "It has been close to one year that our magic jack phone has not been ringing. It always says, "the magic jack number you are calling is not available to take your call.....please leave a message...." We also have not been able to..."

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  • Virgin Mobile Canada

    Virgin Mobile Canada

    1.6 (131 reviews)
    • Telecommunications

    "Contract for 24 months, price change after 10 months look like virgin mobile can brake Contract but customers not"

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  • Virgin Mobile USA

    Virgin Mobile USA

    1.8 (99 reviews)
    • Telecommunications

    "I can not make calls from my phone, my number is 310497****.
    I have a lot of credit and I dont want to loose it"

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  • ATT


    1.6 (2267 reviews)
    • Telecommunications

    "My cc expired and before I realized it the grace period had passed. I updated my cc and they would not reinstate my tv subscription. Just want me to buy a new one and create a new email account for more money"

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  • ACN


    2.0 (152 reviews)
    • Telecommunications

    "Under acct number 335**** for Linda Harrell. She has made all of her payments and is current with her account. Your system is sending her delinquent notices that shes not up-to-date. I typed an email with all the check numbers..."

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