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  • Aerotek


    1.5 (182 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.aerotek.com

    "After taking a mobility test, I was told I passed. I was sent to an Urgent Care for blood test. With Covid I would have never spent 45 minutes in a waiting room with sick people if I was not being paid. They texted and called to..."

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  • Kforce


    1.2 (41 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.kforce.com

    "Recieved a call today stating I was terminated but they will not provide me any info as to why. I was never briefed of any situation nor had I ever been non compliant on my
    Job assignment. Was told my supervisor sent a letter of te..."

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  • Insight Global

    Insight Global

    1.3 (61 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.insightglobal.net

    "These ppl are horrible! They called me almost daily offering me a job. I went through all the steps and apparently there was some discrepancy in my information or paperwork, but they NEVER told me!!!!! They let me think I..."

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  • Staffmark


    1.5 (80 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment

    "This is to communicate the increasingly ongoing issue of inappropriate employee dealings.
    On record designated parties were notified of a scheduled Certification/Assessment both- (staffmark branch & manager Ibet personally) for..."

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  • Remx


    1.0 (2 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.remx.com

    "Started dealing with these people earlier this year and they have wasted my time repeatedly. They list positions for 'Insurance Specialist' and such for local fortune 100 company on local job sites and boards. After contacting..."

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  • LiveCareer


    2.4 (180 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.livecareer.com

    "I signed up for an initial trial of $1.95. Now, $166.00 later, I have never received anything from them. It is a scam and there was no help at all for either a resume or a cover letter. Ridiculous. The customer service rep tried..."

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  • Ajilon


    1.1 (16 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.ajilon.com

    "I went to an "interview" with Krystle Duran at Ajilon in Mesa or Tempe, AZ, and after spending several hours there, was told I would be "priority listed" since I was a registered nurse. NEVER heard back from them; emailed them..."

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  • Labor Ready

    Labor Ready

    1.9 (96 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.laborready.com

    "They setup me and my friend for a 3 day job and the same day they called us and told us the job was cancelled for 1 day and to go in the next day. We go the next day and the client told us the job was completely cancelled. We..."

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  • Chandler Hill Partners

    Chandler Hill Partners

    1.0 (5 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.chandlerhill.com

    "They got thousands of dollars from my husband! He had been unemployed and desperate. With a 99% guarantee of a high-end job, it was alot of wasted time AND money! Glad they are no longer in business!!!AngryAngryAngry"

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  • Adecco


    1.6 (188 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.adeccousa.com

    "I was offered a Jon an did all my onboard information and my background check was completed. I was supposed to start June 14th but a brittany Garcia whom offered me the position want email me nor call me. I have been dealing with..."

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