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  • Brandedlogodesigns


    2.9 (19 reviews)
    • Web Design and Development
    • www.brandedlogodesigns.com

    "I paid these hooligans $500 for my companies website. Nothing ever happens. They created this childish design and expected me to except it. Every time we I tried to get things done properly and up to standard the said it cost..."

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  • WebCreationUK


    2.5 (23 reviews)
    • Web Design and Development
    • www.webcreationuk.com

    "After taking my money they delivered a broken website with shoddy content writing I paid for that my 4 year old could do better..
    Had nothing but a bellyache with this company. My developer in India may I quote is no way a professi..."

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  • The Logo Boutique

    The Logo Boutique

    2.4 (15 reviews)
    • Web Design and Development
    • www.thelogoboutique.com

    So the company has notified me that they are refusing to issue me a refund unless I removed my negative reviews of their company. This is blackmail at its finest. Additionally, they have refused to respond to my Better Busi..."

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  • Teleteria


    1.1 (16 reviews)
    • Web Design and Development
    • www.teleteria.net

    "Jay is rude and can not be trusted. He will take your money and then try to charge you more. The internet site never had visitors and it did not even work normally."

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  • Weblinkindia Net

    Weblinkindia Net

    4.2 (17 reviews)
    • Web Design and Development
    • www.weblinkindia.net

    "My online e-commerce business was doing all good until a lot of competition rose in the year 2015. I am working from Surat and have a business of Indian ethnic clothes. I decided to strengthen my brand image and get some online..."

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  • Elagoon Digital

    Elagoon Digital

    2.1 (19 reviews)
    • Web Design and Development
    • elagoondigital.com

    "My team partnered with Elagoon Digital to implement an inbound marketing program for the company. My objective was to select a range of executive placements, including in-house legal and compliance roles. Elagoon Digital handled t..."

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  • Logo Sensation Australia

    Logo Sensation Australia

    1.2 (22 reviews)
    • Web Design and Development
    • www.logosensation.com.au

    "They take your money and you do not receive your website. This should be against the law. They should not be able to trade."

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  • Madwire Web Design

    Madwire Web Design

    2.4 (6 reviews)
    • Web Design and Development
    • www.madwire.com

    "Hi, David. Our team has reached out. We're happy to discuss and address any concerns you may have. Our business's success is dependent on maintaining long-term relationships with our customers. It's never in our best..."

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  • Top3 Media

    Top3 Media

    1.3 (15 reviews)
    • Web Design and Development
    • www.top3.com.sg

    "DIshonest marketing and poor delivery of product. Not only are they not responsible, they are horrible in their behaviour towards you."

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  • The Magic Platform

    The Magic Platform

    1.4 (9 reviews)
    • Web Design and Development
    • themagicplatform.com

    "they promised support one on one on Skype but after a few sessions they told me I had already used this too much and from now on I would have to send emails instead. Mgi"

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