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  • DentalQore


    5.0 (8 reviews)
    • Web Design and Development
    • dentalqore.com

    "Mojgan Niktash- Our Dental Practice has been with DentaQore for the last 3 years and my experience as the owner dentist has been always 5 Star. All DentalQore social media or other customer services' team have been always..."

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  • Wipro


    1.9 (45 reviews)
    • Web Design and Development
    • www.wipro.com

    "I have purchased bulb from Amazon, how it's warranty claimed...
    Amazon told me to contact you to claim the warranty."

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  • Volusion


    1.5 (52 reviews)
    • Web Design and Development
    • www.volusion.com

    "I was getting great service for 7 months, and then they changed all of their programs and left me with zero customer support on the phone. Total BS. They were a great company, like GoDaddy, and then they grew too fast.
    Wait times f..."

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  • Octa Logo

    Octa Logo

    2.0 (49 reviews)
    • Web Design and Development
    • www.octalogo.com

    "This company and its employees are from Pakistan. They're working remotely. They have front companies in the US, mostly offshore companies. All the phone numbers they have been using are VoIP numbers, so they can cancel or change..."

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  • Kings Road Merch

    Kings Road Merch

    1.8 (38 reviews)
    • Web Design and Development
    • kingsroadmerch.com

    "My order has been shipped, but it can't be found when tracking it. I would like my Merch that I spent over 40 something dollars on. I've emailed a dozen times, no one has contacted or tried to help me"

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  • Webcom


    1.5 (25 reviews)
    • Web Design and Development
    • www.web.com

    "Use ANYONE else... Do NOT trust Web.com. I had websites with them for over 15 years that were suddenly canceled for no reason and without any explanation or warning, although they had charged my credit card for the annual renewal..."

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  • G5 Entertainment Ab

    G5 Entertainment Ab

    2.0 (26 reviews)
    • Web Design and Development
    • www.g5e.com

    "Ads for more g5 games kick in after a person wins a challenge in twin moons, and boot players out, disconnecting them from the game and denying earned rewards and progress! This has been ongoing for more than a year! They are..."

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  • Craftive


    1.4 (15 reviews)
    • Web Design and Development
    • craftive.com

    "They sold me fraudulent certifications. Refused to refund me. Shut down my website when I complained. I paid in full for everything, now I have nothing."

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  • LogoDesignPros


    1.5 (25 reviews)
    • Web Design and Development
    • www.logodesignpros.com

    "I've been a customer for 10 years. Although my earlier experiences were positive, my opinion has changed drastically during the last few months. I prepaid for a new website design, SEO content, and an app. That was a huge..."

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  • Logo Scientist

    Logo Scientist

    1.8 (24 reviews)
    • Web Design and Development
    • logo.logoscientist.net

    "the logo was nice, but the experience with every single person was horrible. pushy, arrogant and misleading constantly trying to sell you more and more and rude to you if you decline. I had to fight every step of the way just to..."

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