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  • Ruger


    2.7 (53 reviews)
    • Weapons
    • www.ruger.com

    "Called to return my ruger lcp 22 Ii due to jamming issues. This was The 2 nd time returning a brand new gun. The representative I spoke to was rude and literally hung up on me . Took me quite a while to talk to someone reasonable..."

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    2.2 (50 reviews)
    • Weapons
    • www.sigsauer.com

    "Dear SigSauer,
    I ordered some products from you on 12 of August however I haven't received it yet. Based on the fedex tracking number, (FedEx612909****322708****) fedex says that the package is delivered and they left the package i..."

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  • Remington Arms

    Remington Arms

    1.7 (46 reviews)
    • Weapons
    • www.remington.com

    "Would just like to know how many model 7s. In 17 rem were made. Cant find any info or history I obtained one of these guns and they seem ultra rare"

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  • Taurus USA

    Taurus USA

    1.8 (46 reviews)
    • Weapons
    • www.taurususa.com

    "I have a Taurus Tracker .357. I have taken the cylinder off before for complete cleaning in the past. Recently I took it completely apart and I lost the plunger spring assembly the first week of September . I called the next day..."

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  • Kimber Manufacturing

    Kimber Manufacturing

    2.2 (43 reviews)
    • Weapons
    • www.kimberamerica.com

    "The Micro 9, tried 2 different Magazines, one barely stays in - and it falls out sometimes when firing. The Ultra Carry 45 ACP came with a bad magazine and junk spring too. I bought new Magazines for both because the rounds would..."

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  • Savage Arms

    Savage Arms

    2.4 (30 reviews)
    • Weapons
    • www.savagearms.com

    "I lost it I do not have one I need a new barrel band Ive looked everywhere and theyre hard to find I was hoping that you could help"

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  • Beretta


    1.7 (35 reviews)
    • Weapons
    • www.beretta.com

    "Ben on hold
    Ive spent 6 hours on phone an hour a day this week and still haven't spoken with a person"

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  • Preppers Discount

    Preppers Discount

    1.9 (38 reviews)
    • Weapons
    • www.preppersdiscount.com

    "to whom it may concern,
    have not received order for ar 15 trigger that i ordered on sept 4th . my patience has run out..
    would like my money back immediately or hear from you in the next five days.
    john thomas 391 carpenter road gaha..."

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  • Numrich Gun Parts

    Numrich Gun Parts

    2.4 (32 reviews)
    • Weapons
    • www.gunpartscorp.com

    "I would like to add SKU #128****F to my order if possible. Thank you I am just asking if I could add to an existing order before it shipped."

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  • Winchester Ammunition

    Winchester Ammunition

    1.5 (27 reviews)
    • Weapons
    • www.winchester.com

    "The projectiles on these Winchester .22 bullets show dents, shaved lead, and out of round. The bullets are inaccurate, inconsistent, and inexcusable. The quality of these new Winchester rounds has gone downhill. Where is your qual..."

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