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  • GunBroker


    2.0 (471 reviews)
    • Weapons
    • www.gunbroker.com

    "I want to use Scheels firearms in Rochester Mn as my FFL Transfer dealer to purchase my Taurus 692 3 inch barrel 357 / 9mm revolver"

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  • TacticalUSA Com

    TacticalUSA Com

    1.5 (458 reviews)
    • Weapons
    • tacticalusa.com

    "Purchased a promo gun case for $.01 plus shipping of $9.98 then, a month later got charged $59.95 for a reoccurring monthly membership that I didn't sign up for or want. Credit card company flagged the transaction but didn't..."

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  • Buds Gun Shop

    Buds Gun Shop

    2.4 (337 reviews)
    • Weapons
    • www.budsgunshop.com

    "Need to find out status of order and can not find my order number or my old account number. Jack smith"

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  • American Gun Association

    American Gun Association

    1.3 (241 reviews)
    • Weapons
    • gunassociation.org

    "Please cancel this subscription that I never have signed up for. I only found out about this so called membership after reviewing my credit card statement. Please help me by refunding my money and canceling this subscription."

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  • Botach Tactical

    Botach Tactical

    1.6 (119 reviews)
    • Weapons
    • botach.com

    "SO after much consideration and bad review reading I decided to place an order. I figured id use a CC and if they didnt fulfill id just dispute. I emailed beforehand to confirm availability as advised but received no reply, this..."

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  • Boyds Gunstocks

    Boyds Gunstocks

    2.7 (218 reviews)
    • Weapons
    • www.boydsgunstocks.com

    "Well they state they have youth in mind on there web page. Good luck with that minimum length of pull they can offer is somewhere between 11" 1/2 -12" 1/2. That's not youth. Well I guess I will have to keep looking. Would not..."

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  • Craft Holsters

    Craft Holsters

    4.3 (157 reviews)
    • Weapons
    • www.craftholsters.com

    "There is nobody available to talk to so I cant order a holster because I have questions that is my problem"

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  • Opticsplanet


    1.8 (110 reviews)
    • Weapons
    • www.opticsplanet.com

    "13 days from sale date item last known location Whittier Ca. Dumped off to ???.No tracking..no location...no del date..Dhl cust service no responce...your ad emails still arriving my inbox???"

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  • Weapons Universe

    Weapons Universe

    1.7 (90 reviews)
    • Weapons
    • www.weapons-universe.com

    "Placed order with CC charge went thru never got conformation e-mail. after several days tried calling never answer and will never call back, have tried 5 times over several days with zero response. I believe this site is..."

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  • Ruger


    2.9 (88 reviews)
    • Weapons
    • www.ruger.com

    "The current muzzle brake for the Alaska guide gun 338 win mag need a serious upgrade, to the SFAR muzzle break. This rifle muzzle brake on the Alaskan Guide gun with its current muzzle brake is murder on my aging shoulders."

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