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  • Fish Rite Boats

    Fish Rite Boats

    3.2 (8 reviews)
    • Water Transport
    • www.fishrite.com

    "Bought a Fish Rite stalker at American marine in kfalls great place to do biz and a great boat.. I did a factory tour in white city before I bought.. the owner of Ameriflex met with me and showed me be how they are built.. how..."

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  • Raymarine


    3.7 (5 reviews)
    • Water Transport
    • www.raymarine.com

    "Sending communications is no problem - I however am not able to receive
    I found out this when party that was called did independence receive my transmission by vhf - tried to return my call but I could not receive their response /..."

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  • Paradise Marine Center

    Paradise Marine Center

    2.8 (6 reviews)
    • Water Transport
    • www.paradisemarine.com

    "Paradise marine has got to be the worst boat dealership on this side of the Mississippi. The service manager named Travis should be fired and send packing, Travis told us after getting our boat worked on multiple times by them..."

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  • Owens Marine

    Owens Marine

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Water Transport
    • www.owensmarine.com

    "I blew my motor on my boat contacted randy at owens marine he said he was rebuilding 2 motors one was a 1998 and a 1996 he said the 98 would be ready first this would be the motor is would get paid $3495 when I took the boat to..."

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  • Zimmerman Marine

    Zimmerman Marine

    2.7 (3 reviews)
    • Water Transport
    • zimmermanmarine.com

    "I hired Zimmerman to identify the reason our boat was tripping dock side GFCI devices.
    I made this decision based on the recommendation of a respected marine consultant with a relationship with the company.
    The problem was not resol..."

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  • Wholesale Marine

    Wholesale Marine

    1.7 (7 reviews)
    • Water Transport
    • www.wholesalemarine.com

    "Bought an item on eBay from them (Wsemarineparts) the day it was to ship they Canceled my order sent me my money back through PayPal and then they sent me a message through eBay for I could buy this motor direct and cut out eBay..."

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  • Watersports Unlimited

    Watersports Unlimited

    2.8 (6 reviews)
    • Water Transport
    • www.watersportsunlimited.net

    "Took my boat there to have it sold. Nothing but a run around from day one. They never cleaned it like they were supposed to and then charged me too store it there while trying to sell it. These people are *** men. "

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  • RH Boats

    RH Boats

    3.7 (7 reviews)
    • Water Transport
    • rhboats.com

    "Have had no issues with our 26 foot pro cuddy. Factory has been very responsive on issues...just a little slow. Reason for original purchase was a welding engineer I had with me at the boat show was more impressed with the welds..."

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  • PontoonStuff


    4.1 (5 reviews)
    • Water Transport
    • www.pontoonstuff.com

    "Everything about the buying experience has been excellent. The boat design feature on the website was great and allowed me to figure out my design. Ordered the items and they arrived within a week, though a couple of items were..."

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  • Nitro Boats

    Nitro Boats

    3.1 (6 reviews)
    • Water Transport
    • www.nitro.com

    "Looking for a place to order replacement strip. HHHHHnnnnnhhhhhfffffdddddyyytttfffhgggggfffgtfffhjjgg"

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